Demand Trump Stop His Dangerous Infanticide Lie Before it Gets Someone Killed

As the president's approval ratings continue to falter and with no popular legislative items of which to boast on the campaign trail, Trump and Republicans have taken to fear mongering with their most horrific and dangerous lie to date: claiming that Democrats support infanticide.

To be unequivocally clear, this does not happen.

Trump's entire concocted story is a bad faith reference to the "Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act," which was cooked up by Republicans to solve the nonexistent "problem" of babies surviving abortion procedures. The bill was introduced by Republican Senator Ben Sasse and aimed to ensure that health care practitioners would face severe penalties or even jail time if they didn't provide medical care "[i]n the case of an abortion or attempted abortion that results in a child born alive."

But in reality, it is already illegal to "execute" a baby who is born alive. It's homicide. Beyond that, doctors are already required by federal law to prove care to babies born alive, even after an attempted abortion.

The bill's insidious intention is simple: to exploit women at their most vulnerable point for political gain and to intimidate doctors who perform safe and legal abortions with criminal penalties for something that doesn't happen.

Of course, Republicans have never been interested in the facts; they only want to use it as a talking point on the campaign trail. And these stories are not without consequence.

There's the obvious impact of gaslighting his supporters by preying on their opposition to abortion, who then vote for Republicans because they actually think Democrats actually support infanticide. But beyond that, these lies put women who go to abortion clinics in danger at the hands of deranged Trump supporters who believe his stories, that women are carrying babies to term to have them executed. And if the last two years have taught us anything, it's that Trump supporters will and have acted out in response to the things he's said.

But we intend to take action before that happens. We, the undersigned, demand that an immediate end be put to Trump's disgusting claim that Democrats support infanticide.

Trump may not mind having an innocent person's blood on his hands, but we will not stand for it.

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