Google Sponsors 10,000 Ads that Endanger Elephants

While elephants are slaughtered to extinction for their ivory tusks, Google hosts ads to sell them (and they don't even care?). Just say NO to Google CEO.

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has caught Google sponsoring over 10,000 ads for ivory products on a major shopping site, despite Google advertising policy against this. A Google spokesperson stated "ads for products obtained from endangered or threatened species are not allowed on Google," and the company publicized its efforts to crack down on these ads. But the ads continue. The EIA sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page asking the company to remove the ads and ensure compliance. There was no response from Google. Is Google "untouchable"? We think not. A world without elephants? We think not.

This type of E-commerce only helps expand the market for illegal African Elephant ivory products.

Please join us to help protect elephants. Sign this petition to urge Google CEO Larry Page to stop the ads and ensure compliance with his company's own policy. Even the smallest among us will get noticed when we make some noise to help protect our planet's most beloved wildlife.

Dear Mr. Page,

This petition was initiated in response to worldwide concern over continued poaching of elephants and other endangered species. In particular, public awareness of corporate greed, corporate bullying, and corporate conspiracy has grown, whether it be Monsanto bullying of farmers, or Google advertisement policies which promote poaching despite public denial of same. This may not be the largest petition against practices which promote poaching; there are others. The point is, there are many and they will keep coming. Google must recognize that their instances of hypocrisy are not lost on the general public. Even very recently, the Google start-up page featured a statement against monitoring of internet traffic by the US government, even though Google engages in this activity also.

You will find that there will be increasing pressure for corporations and large business entities to answer to environmental concerns of all kinds. This will require companies to address policies which impact the environment and animal species. In your case, it is not enough to state that Google is against poaching. In this age of technology and mass media, your policies to the contrary will be discovarable, and will be broadcast. It is the demand of all who signed this petition, from around the world, that Google form a management team to address this issue of questionable and harmful advertising practices, develop a means of screening these advertisers, and pull these adds from Google.


World Citizens

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