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My childhood friend's name is Gregory John. Bartholomew. I am reaching out to my global family members. I am seeking their voice, in Requesting Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey to review his Commute of Sentence/Conditional Release for good cause shown for 2014. I am humbly asking each person to review Greg's cause on his Face Book Page Gregory Bartholomew. Send me a friend request, and I will accept so that you may review a more detailed description, of his cause. If in agreement with the release being requested, I ask that you please sign this petition, TO SHOW NJ THAT REFORM CAN WORK, AND DOES!

I thank each and every one of you, for taking the time to read my cause.


Teresa Mahoney Castor

A Request to Help Free Gregory Bartholomew


On behalf of Gregory John Bartholomew, we are seeking the support of our human family members. We are seeking the assistance of supporters with his upcoming Commute of Sentence/Conditional Release Application, to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. As some of you may already know, Gregory is currently incarcerated at New Jersey State Prison. He is serving a 35 year to life sentence, under the HARSHIST, Three Strikes Law in our Nation. Gregory has exhausted his legal remedies. His hope is to return him to his loving family, friends, and the community.  We are now prepared to submit a Commute of Sentence/Conditional Release application, to the NJ Governor. As part of the said process, he needs support to demonstrate to Governor Chris Christie, that there is tremendous local and National support for his immediate release. Having all of your support plays a huge roll, towards accomplishing that goal.

Having the facts and understanding of Gregory’s case is of great significance.  Due to the criminal statue in which Gregory was charged, makes the crime of robbery, a violent crime, regardless if anyone was physically injured or not. Many others have pledged their support in this matter, due to this very reason, and various other reasons in this case as well.  

The Commute of Sentence/Conditional Release application, is not based on a matter of innocence or guilt. It centers on the fact that Gregory has already served Approximately 15 years in the only NJ maximum security prison, for his crime. It is also centered around, that Gregory’s release, would in no way compromise public safety, or place a financial burden on the State, Taxpayers, or in his community. This is strongly supported by Gregory’s behavior, and Major Achievements, (Please see attached) during his very long 15 year incarceration. 

In addition, The Three Strikes Law that resulted in Gregory’s incarceration, has since been repealed in many states. These states had enacted this law in 1990, during the Crack/Cocaine epidemic in this Nation.  In February 2013 The United States Supreme Court, has ruled that California Superior Court Judges, can now use discretion, in Three Strikes Law the judges are no longer locked in the mandatory minimum that the law requires.  However, The United Supreme Court, will not apply this ruling retroactively nationally, as it did in California.  Had they, Gregory’s sentence would have been reviewed and been vacated.

We Thank -You, in advance for your consideration, of our request, for this is an utmost importance for Gregory’s Cause. He has not forgot the victims of his crimes, nor wants them to feel that this in anyway belittles what he has done. Greg's crimes were never actions of his true behavior, when not in an intoxicated blackout. And Greg is now since reformed for 14+ years, for the first time since the age of 8 years old. And he wants to assure those he has taken from, that he is now well, and would in no way be a threat to society again. Greg wants to open another chapter in his life, and live. As in his past ill life, has not lived, but only existed at best. He has written to all involved, (that he could find addresses) with the exception of one man who had passed, not long after Greg's sentence. In the meantime, This has and is still having a devastating effect on Gregory, his loving family and friends. Please give Greg a chance at a sober life by signing the Petition. Thank You

Update #13 years ago
etc. 16+ yrs. My crimes were not violent, as (I have harmed no one)I have now been residing with murderers, rapists, & gang members, for 16+ yrs. This environment has been very stressful, & now taken a toll on my body.
I thank everyone for your continued efforts to help me.
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