Close Down Asia Aquarium Cruel to Animals

  • by: Sue Lee
  • recipient: Chinese Government & President Xi Jinping

It is sad that there continues to be animal abuse issues for entertainment of humans but such is the case with an aquarium located in a China mall.  The Grand View Aquarium in Asia has a number one goal for monetary gain without compassion for the animal suffering they endure after being ripped from their families and kept in unnatural, confined environments. 

It is disturbing that so many animals continue to endure such suffering in the name of entertainment.  You can read more at regarding the issues regarding the Grand View Aquarium in Asia.  Whales and dolphins are subjected to be transported just to live in tiny pools. Such transporting is very stressful for the animals before going through strenuous training to learn how to perform. 

A shopping mall in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou just opened last month, encouraging shoppers to stop by and view the animals in these tiny, confined pools.  This just exemplifies such an industry that uses animals as objects to be used, abused and often times replaced or discarded if they become ill or pass on.  It is sad that the ocean park industry in China is still in such high demand, they have to include one as part of the shopping experience, causing more stress on these poor animals.

The goal of this petition is to encourage the shutdown of the Grand View Aquarium in Asia, asking that the abuse and stress on these animals stop immediately.  As stated in the attached article, “It is the messages of the emotional and cognitive capacities of these intelligent, socially complex animals that we are promoting across Asia in the hope that a largely uninformed public will one day turn their own backs on this industry and help to set free those individuals that continue to suffer in the name of entertainment and prevent further individuals from suffering the same fate.” You can help in the goal to shut down this facilities and others like it in China by signing and sharing this petition, adding your own thoughts and comments.

Chinese Government & President Xi Jinping – I am strongly urging you to close down the Grand View Aquarium in the shopping mall in Guangzhou.  Facilities like this one poses great suffering, tension and distress for animals like dolphins, porpoises and whales.  The animals do not deserve to live is=n such tiny pools that are extremely confined.  The habitat along with human interaction, unnatural expectations through training, and just keeping them in captivity is cruel and unjust.  Demand that this aquarium be shut down and the animals either released into their natural habitats or placed in appropriate, reputable sanctuaries so they can live out their lives as nature meant them to.

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