Stop Selling Rabbit Meat at Metro!

  • by: Leah Yusuf
  • recipient: Rabbit Rights Ontario is petitioning The Board of Directors and the Management team of Metro.

Rabbits are companion animals. They share the homes and lives of many people and many families throughout Canada. Rabbits are social animals. They are intelligent and they bond immensely with their people and their families.
They can be trained to do tricks and run agility courses just like dogs and they use litter boxes just like cats. They are sweet, funny, empathetic and loyal. They feel pain, fear and joy just like we do.
It's sad enough to walk through the grocery store and see the meat of cows, chickens, turkeys, lambs, goats, fish and many other animals on display. It is absolutely gruesome and heart wrenching to see the chopped up bodies of rabbits in the meat display case for those of us with rabbit companions.
Imagine walking through the grocery and seeing dog meat and cat meat offered up for consumption just because there was some demand for it! Imagine how the majority of people would feel. The stores would lose an unimaginable amount of revenue.
Rabbits are used for fur, vivisection and experimentation. MEAT RABBITS LIVE THEIR LIVES IN CAGES UNTIL THEY ARE SLAUGHTERED. THEY NEVER KNOW HAPPINESS OR FREEDOM. THEY NEVER HAVE THEIR BASIC ANIMAL RIGHTS MET. PLEASE STOP SELLING THEM FOR MEAT. We do not want to see one more sentient creature become a popular food item. Please show rabbits compassion, BECAUSE RABBITS MATTER TOO.

To the Board of Directors and the Management Team of Metro,

It is with utter outrage and disappointment that we present you with this letter and petition regarding the sale of rabbit meat in your stores! Unfortunately, your stores like many others are already filled with a wide assortment of meats for sale. Why are you selling rabbit meat?

Rabbits are companions to many people and families in Canada. Would you stock dog and cat meat in your stores if there were some demand for it? Rabbits deserve the same consideration as dogs and cats. We do not need one more animal to be a popular meat item!

Please at least take into consideration the loss of revenue you have already suffered because many of us who once shopped at Metro and Food Basics have already stopped shopping with you. Please think of potential future revenue loss. Is is worth it?

Please stop the sale of rabbit meat in your stores.


Leah Yusuf of Rabbit Rights Ontario and

all of the undersigned.

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