Stop the ridiculous animal hunt in Asia for their supersititious goods!

  • by: Natalia Biniek, Poland
  • target: Government of China, the legislative branch, the National People's Congress

Did you know that Asians poach for the endangered species just because their tradition tells them they can cure and give strenght? We have to fight the presumption of Chinese medicine. That's why hereby I bring this subject to the Goverment of China to tell you: unless it is not proven by scientists nor the species can't be replaced by other foods of wealth, untill you have to educate your citizens NOT TO buy nor hunt for the endangered species such as the rihno, Pere David's deer, Asiatic black bear, pangolin, tiger, seahorse, saiga antelope, musk deer.

Why is it so important?

Each variety of animlas creates the chain, that breaks with loss of each species of the animals. They, and so have we, people, all have to live, because we make life on the, maybe the only special one in the entire Universe, magical planet Earth that still gives us so much joy. For example, if we polute our oceans, we lose one of the very main of the diets of our - fish. That happens again, if we kill the animals that are being a diet for other animals or for us, we lose next types of nutrition. But - not only the meat. Animals help plants grow, lots of them then will not be able to survive. Saying it one word: if we don't try to change anything now, one day, when the next losses will be followed, we're going to ruin anything we got from God, Nature, Allah or any other Providence. Think about Think about what can you do in your land for discouraging people of buying it and poach hunt. I'd personally recomend putting massive penalties for the hunt and purchase and after all, educating people why shouldn't they do that, so everybody can understand he's doing much better for our planet and for his life by using contemporary medicines. Sincerely, people of the world.

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