If you care about the planet, watch this video.

There is dangerous propaganda going around about one of the worst issues in the world. The science on this issue is clear, yet there are thousands of people who are either sadistic, unintelligent, or greedy or a combination of all 3, who are aggressively propagandizing this problem in an effort to keep people in the dark and keep money and/or grisly enjoyment flowing to themselves. 

This evil is a problem of catastrophic proportions, responsible for nothing less than almost 100% of world hunger, almost 100% of heart disease, many types of cancer, as well as a whole host of other diseases and a huge percentage of the ecological damage being done to the planet. In addition, it is responsible for HUGE amounts of psychological disorders and (as should be obvious to anyone with a heart) is one of the most gigantic, unjust abominations of all time.

I'm talking, of course, about humans eating non-human animals. Meat.

If you have any kind of sympathy or empathy in your body at all, you'll watch the video I'm about to link you to. It's a video of a speech by a man named Gary Yourofsky. It's a little over 1 hour long, and is well worth every second. You may have already seen this video but if you haven't, this video will CHANGE YOUR LIFE:


Update: I'm going to add videos I find on Youtube (and possibly other sites in the future) that I feel are important to this cause as I find them.

The next video is by a psychologist named Dr. Melanie Joy who talks about the psychology of eating or not eating meat and how Vegans can be better advocates for Veganism: 


The next video is by a medical doctor and scientist named T. Colin Campbell who explains the findings of his research OF 50 YEARS into the causes of certain disease:


Clinical studies have found that casein, a protein in all dairy products, blocks the absorption of antioxidants and renders them useless to our body:


Eggs vs. Cigarettes in Atherosclerosis - One egg a day (whether free-range or backyard) equals smoking 25,000 cigarettes:


Here's a video where Sir Paul McCartney talks about how eating animals and animal products is destroying the entire eco-system of this planet:


Here's one that's really uplifting:


Here's a random cool one, just felt like throwing it in:


The last video is another with Gary Yourofsky where he explains his stance on what lengths he would go to to protect animals:


If you have any questions after watching the videos feel free to message me. Incidentally, all credits I recieve from signatures will go towards helping animals in need.

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