Yellowstone Park Wolves need a Safe Buffer Zone & a No Kill Collared Wolf Law

Wolves naturally have large territories and don't understand man-made borders.  Hunters seem to be lying in wait for grey wolves to cross the invisible Yellowstone Park borders, and shooting them as soon as they cross over into NoWolf Land – even if they are wearing a collar, an indicator that they are being studied in a research program.  Collared wolves must be subject to clear no- kill federal and state laws.  Collared wolves are being studied, usually funded by our taxes, to better understand their essential role in our environment.  This research is critical, since wolves are nearly extinct in the United States!  When collared wolves are killed, the research is set back, costing the taxpayers more money to re-start a new wolf to be studied, causes  loss of important, expensive data,  and delaying the research results that are needed !   They are being studied to track their territorial range, keep census and learn of their eating and hunting habits, to better protect them and surrounding livestock.  There is increasing evidence that grey wolves shun humans and typically kill the sick and weak in herds, expertly culling herds (as opposed to hunters who typically kill the best of the heard for trophy display).  They only kill what they need, instead of for sport, and do not exterminate large numbers in any herd (as do humans). They keep herds moving, which protects the flora from being overgrazed, as demonstrated in Yellowstone Park improvements since the grey wolf was re-introduced.

Very aggressive wild boars, which are increasing exponentially and are a definite threat to humans and the rest of the natural environment, attack humans, pets and livestock and destroy crops, and would be better controlled if preyed upon by grey wolves ! It is believed that someone imported wild boars from Russia, a very large and aggressive type, use to varied and even very cold climates, which escaped from a Texas farm 10 years ago or so, and is breeding with our less aggressive and smaller USA wild boars. Google wild boar in USA. They are in California, TX, throughout the south and now in Washington State; Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming will be next! Humans and dogs have not been able to keep up with controlling this infestation, but grey wolves could be a big help!

1. All dogs are descended from the grey wolf
2. All wolves originally evolved in North America (now almost extinct in America !)
3. Wolves have a very positive impact on environment, proven in Yellowstone Park
and elsewhere on flora and fauna, kill sick and old in herds,
and prevent herds from over-grazing
4. Wolves/dogs helped us evolve and are still helping us to survive
5. First domesticated animal by man, which helped ensure our survival !




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