Malaysia: Stop Destroying Orangutan Habitat

The orangutan is one of our closest relatives. They share 97% of our DNA, make and use tools, can be taught American Sign Language, have  exactly the same emotions as humans, and are so close genetically they can catch all our contagious diseases.

And now they are disappearing. 

The main threat not only for the survivial of the orangutan, but so many other species it is impossible to count, is deforestating for palm oil plantations. Palm oil is a cooking oil, sometimes simply called `vegetable oil.`    Forests are being completely bulldozed, and the orangutans make their way back to the plantation, trying to find their home. There, they are ususally killed, and their babies sold on the black market as pets.
Palm oil is found in many household products from chips to cosmetics.

Help stop this and save the orangutan today.

Orangutans are one of the mst remarkale animals in the planet, sharing 97% of our DNA. hey are Asia's only non-human great ape. They are being driven rapidly towards extinction by many factors, but the main one is deforestation for palm oil plantations. Not only does this take away their habitat, it also makes them vulnerable to any one who wishes to kill mothers and take babies for the pet trade.  The people who signed this petition wish to see an end to the decimation of orangutan habitat, to save not only orangutans, but elephants, rhinos, monkeys, gibbons, tigers, etc. Please listen to our voices.

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