Kick Out The Bankers

    In 1974, Pierre Trudeau sold out Canada to the international banking families. Pierre Truduea was a member of the Bilderberg Group. Pierre Trudeau Was also working with the Basel Committee, which is one of the various international organisations composed of oligarchs who largely control most nations. Gerald Bouey was appointed by Pierre Trudeau as the Governor of the Bank of Canada. Gerald Bouey was also a member of the Trilateral Commission (founded by David Rockefeller).

    Classic globalist deception tactics were used to deceive Canadians into thinking that interest-free loans from the Bank of Canada were the cause of an economic problem and that Canada needed to give it's economic control over to shareholders of the world's biggest banking corporation to solve it. This was partly how the banking cartel was able to gain similar access to the US in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act.

    Canada has been in debt since 1974 and this debt has climbed steadily since that time until now. It is evident from the stats that this change in ownership has been the cause of a massive amount of debt for Canada.

    Rocco Galati is a constitutional lawyer that has been representing the group COMER to sue the Bank of Canada.

    Basically, what all this amounts to is that a few corrupt people in our government and their banking bosses have been literally stealing billions from Canadians since 1974. They control the economy to a large extant. Most inflation, recession and economic burden is a direct result of this corrupt banking racket we have in this country. I will not tolerate this and you shouldn't either. This is not acceptable.

    If you are unaware of these things and are not convinced then please email with questions or for more information and or look at the links below.

    My email:

    Thank You
    Here are some videos of Rocco Galati if you want further information:
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