Stop Litigation Abuse

    I've been a victim of a system that has no safety protocols in place to prevent people who do not need to get orders of protection from getting them and allowing the people who do need them to get them. Countless mad hours and money is wasted every year as a result of this litigation abuse often wielded upon innocent individuals who are guilty of nothing more than caring for the wrong person too long. I myself have been a victim of this since 2019 although I have no criminal record and although I've committed no crime and although I've not threatened anybody these orders of protection have been allowed to stand and everything that I worked for in the last decade is lost. I'm currently a veteran and homeless on the streets and cannot get housing as a result of these biased and unjust orders of protection that are destroying people's lives. Judges who have no protocol who just allow this to stand with no viable reason and no justification. the solution I feel would be to have a guideline in place that all judges follow as opposed to it being up to every individual judge's merit. And that there be equal rights given to the person who's being falsely accused before they go destroying people's lives. To not go into that situation with a biased already in place but to actually get Fair representation. And a fair chance. To be able to hear the story of the the person being accused and to have a fair and just decision. More often than not it is the abuser who does this type of thing not the abuse. And more often than not is to either cover up their actions whether it be infidelity or dishonesty. Or just simply just cause harm or prevent a person from getting ahead in life. I have suffered tremendously as a result not only physically but my health financial and mental health is well has suffered as a result of this. Please help me bring awareness to this as I'm sure I'm not alone in this and I'm sure there are many more others out there who have suffered as a result of litigation abuse as well. I think that there should be protocols in place that punish individuals who lie as opposed to it being in good faith as it is here in arizona. That they either be faced with prison time and or fines. In doing so it will prevent people from doing this type of thing and that they know that they'll have a consequence for their actions if they do so. It will also enable the people who truly need them to get them and the people who do not have them weeded out.
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