Reclaiming Our Heritage in the 21st Century

The United States Census would be committing paper genocide by removing the "Negro" classification, the last remaining identifier connecting America's indigenous peoples to the continent of America.

“Portuguese Priest Manuel da Nóbrega often used in his letters interchangeably negro and indio desta terra when speaking of the Americans." Jack Forbes in book Africans and Native Americans

The term "Negro" applied to dark-skinned peoples in the Americas. However, references in correspondences with the Vatican during the 15th century from Jesuits Missionaries demonstrated how the term "Negro" was used interchangeably with Negro de Terra, and Indios (Indian) when speaking about Americans. Later the United States government in 1812 are recorded as changing an entire continent of indigenous peoples’ classification to Negro.

"When Africans are referred to in the Jesuit Letters they are always called negros da Guine (Blacks of Guinea) to distinguish them from negros de terra (Blacks of the land or Americans)."Jack Forbes in book Africans and Native Americans

"The Gingaskin Tribe located along Virginia's eastern shore, for example was declared no longer Indian, but free Negroes and dispossessed of their reservation land in 1812."That the Blood Stay Pure: African Americans, Native Americans

We demand that the U.S. Census continue to retain their integrity to properly provide the option for the Children of American to self-identify as Negro/American Indigenous/American Indian.

Many people are taught in U.S. schools the people erroneously referred to as African-Americans are descended from Africans, which is an untruth. They are descended from the indigenous people that greeted European explorers such as Giovanni Da Verrazzana and Captain John Smith.

"The complexion of these people is black, not much different from that of the Ethiopians; their hair is black and thick, and not very long; it is worn tied back upon the head in the form of a little tail. In person they are of good proportions, of middle stature, a little above our own, broad across the breast, strong in the arms, and well formed in the legs and other parts of the body; the only exception, to their good looks is that they have broad faces, but not all, however, as we saw many that had sharp ones, with large black eyes and a fixed expression". Giovanni Da Verranzzana

“In 1524 the Carolina coast people were said to be ‘of dark color not much unlike the Ethiopians.” Letters from Jesuits Missionaries to Rome description of the people they encountered

"..Powhatan, more like a devil than a man, with some two hundred more as black as himself." Captain John Smith 1608

"All Africa is black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawny. America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so.” Benjamin Franklin 1764

Many Negro people still remember their racial origins and will never accept identities that make them foreigners to America.

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