IPAK Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

February 18, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Facebook, Inc.

1 Hacker Way

Menlo Park, CA 94025


Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

With reports this mid-February that Facebook is considering censoring so-called "anti-vaccine" posts, I am writing to convince you that the people doing these posts are mislabeled, purposively, and that their messages are being misrepresented.  In fact, these people should not be labeled at all; they are, simply, "American citizens".

The population of Americans who have concerns over vaccines have  a legitimate concern, and they, like all Americans, have Constitutional rights under the First Amendment and elsewhere to communicate with each other.  Moreover, they have a civic duty to participate in their own government, and Facebook provides a public forum both for communication and for virtual assembly.  Finally, they in fact have the right, under the US Code of Federal Regulations, to refuse to participate in clinical studies on vaccine safety.  The pressure upon you to silence those reporting issues with vaccines is the latest attempt of individuals who have been short-circuiting US Congressional mandates to make vaccines safer.

But if additional, non-pejorative labels are useful, the correct terms for the populations in question are "ex-vaxxers", "the vaccine risk aware", "the vaccine injured", and yes, some are outright, self-identified "anti-vaxxers".  Almost all have been human subjects in vaccine safety studies without being properly consented.

As a lifelong scientist who has devoted my life to the reduction of pain and suffering, I would not be truly informed on the realities of vaccine risk had I not decided to write a chapter on vaccines as biomedical success story in one of my books.  I will provide you with specific verifiable facts and their accompanying references, to help you in your decision-making on whether Facebook posts by members of the vaccine-risk aware community are, in fact, anti-science. I propose that regulatory agencies have been captured and that a dangerous form of corporatism has become entrenched in the US government that poses a serious risk to some families.


Fact 1. The Pharmaceutical industry has captured the CDC, the FDA, and Congress.

Dr. Julie Gerberding, former CDC Director, was hired by Merck, Inc. after keeping Dr. William Thompson silent on concerns over how his colleagues at CDC were handling findings of positive association between on-time MMR vaccination and autism.1,2,3

The CDC Foundation receives donations from over 200 corporations, many of which are vaccine manufacturers, in 2017 reporting over $470,000,000 income from donors.4

Fact 2. The CDC is a de facto for-profit government arm of the Pharmaceutical companies and represents modern-day corporatism.         

            CDC itself has financial conflicts in that they own patents on vaccines.5

Nearly all members of ACIP, the committee that makes recommendations to CDC on the pediatric vaccine schedule,  have direct financial conflicts of interest with vaccine manufacturers6.  While not allowed, no enforcement of the rules disallowing COIs is evident given its membership.  ACIP has deliberated vaccine safety after voting to approve vaccines, as if it is an afterthought.  In our view, ACIP should be disbanded and vaccine safety science conducted by organizations without ties to those who profit from vaccine sales.

CDC employs unofficial vaccine educators to bully, harass and intimidate individuals who criticize their commercial products7.  Some of these organizations also lobby using funds from a Federal organization, violating laws restricting lobbying.

After being invited by CDC to submit public comment, in speaking out against weakening warning to patients in Vaccine Information Statements, I was personally censored by CDC8, which was reversed after a letter from my lawyer.  The public comments from some 75 other vaccine risk aware Americans were also released as result of my notifying the CDC of the First Amendment of the US Constitution.9

Fact 3. The FDA has failed in its duties to hold the Pharmaceutical companies accountable for vaccine safety, reflecting further the massive regulatory vacuum around vaccine safety.

The FDA missed that Merck allegedly spiked human samples with rabbit antibodies to increase the apparent efficacy of the MMR vaccine against the mumps virus.10

The FDA missed the fact that Merck doubled the amount of aluminum used in the HPV vaccine just before it went to market, a fact revealed by research by three mothers of vaccine injured children.11

The only part of vaccines for which safety testing is required is the protein component, and that is not done well. Vaccines are not yet screened for proteins that match human proteins, as required by FDA regulations, setting the stage for autoimmunity.12

Aluminum is used as an adjuvant in vaccines, but unlike new adjuvants under study by the FDA, has never undergone dose escalation studies in infant mice.13

Aluminum dosing in vaccines is not based on body weight, and dosage safety was "determined" by FDA using analogy from dietary forms of aluminum given to adult animals, not injected doses given to infant mice.14

Fact 4. Vaccines are insufficiently studied for safety, and widespread scientific fraud has been used to bias both the results of studies and the public's perspectives on the full scope of vaccine safety science.

Objective appraisal of the studies used to show that Thimerosal is safe, and that vaccines do not cause autism shows that the studies are weak (underpowered), biased, lack an appropriate control group, or potentially fraudulent.15

Fact 5. The Vaccine Risk Aware are more informed than Pediatricians on the realities of vaccine risks.

Testimony in custody trial in Michigan by Dr. Theresa Holtrop, Director of the Michigan Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, included statements in which she offered that she was not an expert in vaccines – after the Judge qualified her as an expert in vaccines.16  Vaccines are, worldwide, projected to be a >$US30 billion market in 2020. In contrast, millions of American parents have studied vaccine safety from a perspective unbiased by profit motive.

Fact 6. The US HHS and vaccine manufacturers have abdicated their charter given by Congress in 1986 to (a) make vaccines safer, and (b) find ways to identify individuals and families who are at increased risk due to vaccination.

The 1986 law that made vaccines liability-free also mandated the above steps to increase vaccine safety.17 Required meetings have not been held, and mandated progress reports have not been made to Congress18.

Fact 7. Human subjects who are injured during post-market vaccine safety trials must sue the US HHS for damages.  Vaccine manufacturers and those who administer vaccines share no liability.  Since 1986, the US HHS, the defendant in vaccine injury cases, has paid out >$4Billion in settlements and damages to persons and families impacted by vaccine injury.  Those who claim that vaccine cause no harm then also try to claim that the rulings of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program "Special Masters" come with no finding of causality. Most vaccine injured Americans and their families are not informed, as required by law, of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program by their doctors.  The NVICP employees work in a program administered and answer to the policies the defendant, the US HHS. For example, the defendant (US HHS) controls which vaccine injuries are awarded in a Table of Vaccine Injuries.19 In no other arena of law does a defendant control which charges can be levied against them.

Fact 8. The actual risk:benefit ratio of most vaccines is unknown, and is unknowable given the current paradigm of inappropriately designed short-term vaccine safety trials, and the use of passively collected information on vaccine injury in a process labeled "pharmacovigilance".  Harvard-Pilgrim discovered that only 1% of vaccine adverse events were captured by the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) when they created an automated vaccine adverse events algorithm-based detection system (ESP-VAERS) under contract by CDC. When they informed CDC of their findings, CDC stopped returning phone calls.18

In 2018, HHS stipulated that they failed to report, as required by the 1986 Act, to report to Congress on their progress in making vaccines safer and progress toward identifying susceptible subgroups.20

Only one vaccine has been safety tested using a scientifically valid placebo (saline); the remainder were all studied using either the aluminum adjuvant, or one or more other vaccines.20

Fact 9. Those who profit from vaccine sales are engaged in a misinformation campaign that short-circuits any possible utility of post-market research on vaccines. 

The CDC teaches pediatricians and other vaccine proponents to exaggerate the seriousness of vaccine-targeted infections, while also exaggerating the benefits of vaccinations.22  Most of the reduction in mortality and morbidity in pediatric infections targeted by vaccines occurred prior to the introduction of whole-population vaccination (see Harvard report, 2001).23

Fact 10. Those same organizations and corporations are engaged in a systematic political campaign to strip American citizens of their self-given rights to personal exemptions and religious exemptions to vaccination.  Once those rights are stripped, the corporatist cabal will (and already has moved) to wrongfully and egregiously persecute medical doctors who stand by their Hippocratic oaths to first do no harm and provide medical exemptions to families who have already witnessed vaccine injury first-hand.

California State Senator Richard Pan lied to his colleagues on whether aborted fetal cells were used in the production of vaccines24. Australia has persecuted Dr. John Piesse for honoring patients' requests for medical exemptions25. Similarly, Dr. Bob Sears of California (USA) is on probation for honoring families' requests for medical exemptions26.  In Oregon, Dr. Paul Thomas is being harassed with ethics accusations; please see my letter to the Ethics Board currently harassing this well-respected doctor27.

In reality, a heterogeneous minority of people cannot tolerate toxins as well as others, and this includes mercury and aluminum in vaccines.28 These families showed up and participated in the vaccine safety trials, and the trialists are lying to their face that the injuries are not caused by the vaccine simply because epidemiology studies, which are easily manipulated, have been tortured until the association with adverse events can no longer be detected at the population level.  No study has been designed factoring in a genetic minority.  Such a study can readily be conducted.

Fact 11. Facebook is a product of a free and open society, and at this time is a beacon of light in an increasingly dark and dangerous era in which large corporations abuse their massive resources to keep an unwitting public uninformed. (Self-evident)

Fact 12.  The Code of Federal Regulations guarantee the rights of all Americans to refuse to participate in medical experiments.  Since vaccines are by definition under constant study for safety, citizens have the right to invoke these regulations in their refusal to subject their children to unwanted intrusion by the for-profit medical community with their liability-free vaccines.  Please see The National Research Act [Title II, Public Law 93-348], Regulations for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research [45 CFR 46] and revisions of various regulations, rules, and laws ([21 CFR 50, [21 CFR 56], [45 CFR 46 Subpart D], [10 CFR 745], that guarantee Pregnant women, fetuses and children special protections [45 CFR 46 Subpart B, 45 CFR 46 Subpart D]. I recommend you have your legal team study these regulations closely, and please have them note that the clause injected in the 21st Century Cures Act on informed consent cannot logically apply to vaccine safety studies because safety is unknown at the onset of trial.

Fact 13. Facebook may continue to play a pivotal role in allowing citizens to get organized and place real political pressure on their legislators to enforce the provisions of the 1986 Act  - and to find their voice in demanding vaccine safety reform, leading to the removal of metals and unsafe proteins from vaccines, and to the requirement of application of the gold standard randomized prospective clinical trials using valid placebo (saline) to determine the safety of not just individual vaccines, but the safety of the entire CDC recommended pediatric schedule, which now leads to up to 72 vaccinations for infants born today. (Self-evident).

Fact 14. The vaccine-risk aware have been calling for additional science, whereas the CDC, the Institutes of Medicine and others have called for an end to science on the question of vaccines and autism.29 In reality, an abundance of science exists that points to biologically plausible mechanisms by which autism can result from vaccination in some people.30  The studies that support this hypothesis have not been addressed by CDC, and were left off a list of studies sent by AAP to POTUS15.

There are new vaccines on the horizon that are being designed to be safer; they do not use mercury or aluminum and in fact are more flexibly responsive in their antigen content.   I point you to, for example, microneedle patch technology.  By comparison, the MMR is nearly 60 years old.  It is little wonder why outbreaks of mumps and measles involve vaccinated individuals.

The people of the US and other countries are demanding transparency in Science, and I will never rest until vaccine safety science reform is achieved. If you would like to convene a conference at which you invite experts from the anti-choice side, the pro-choice side will provide a panel of experts on the scientific literature.  We have repeatedly attempted to engage so-called experts such as Peter Hotez, Paul Offit, Stanley Plotkin, and others, each of whom declined, some citing fear of losing their jobs if they enter into public debate with the vaccine risk aware.31

The US FDA recently admitted that no clinical trials have been used by them to rule on the safety of TdaP vaccination in pregnant women32. We are at a crossroads in history on public health.  The US public will hold those who have committed what we see as crimes against humanity accountable whether Facebook is part of the reform to come, or not.  The human rights of freedom speech extend to peoples of all nations around the world, and no corporation that provides a forum for open communication of science, politics, health and the human experience in general should play arbiter on the rule of speech as if they were a governing body. I would like history to remember Facebook as a bastion of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, and, most importantly, a critically important venue by which the US public found its footing, its voice and its power on critically important matter.  What future political battles will be swayed by pressure from governments run by corporatist agents upon communication channels?  Can you imagine the government censoring allowed speech via cell phone calls?  I can.

I urge you to please continue to help keep America free from corporatism run amok over public health and to continue to protect our fellow American's freedom of speech.



e/ James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

Supportive Signatories

Informed Choice Washington

Toni Bark, MD

Kevin Barry, President, First Freedoms, Inc.

Josh Mazer, BS EEOB Tulane University (IPAK Advisory Board Member)

Vinu Arumugham, Independent researcher

Dr. Shannon Kroner, One Conversation

Tony Dibiase, Grandfather of vaccine-injured grandson

Elizabeth Hart



1 https://www.mrknewsroom.com/news-release/corporate-news/merck-announces-appointment-dr-julie-gerberding-executive-vice-president

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23 http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=

The FDA states:

"Post-marketing surveillance is a necessary component of vaccine safety monitoring" and "because vaccine pre-clinical trials are relatively small and controlled, previously unstudied components of a patient's social or medical history may be risk factors which could impact the outcome of vaccination and contribute to the development of adverse events."

Parents are not typically aware of this because they are denied informed consent. Increasingly, doctors are not aware of this, either.

The problem is that there is such a strong belief among doctors in the safety and effectiveness of vaccines once the FDA approves a vaccine, that when adverse events do occur, doctors do not consider the vaccines as a possible cause.

The CDC admits (through the Harvard-Pilgrim study) that fewer than 1% of all adverse reactions are reported to VAERS. It is a passive, unenforced system; doctors face no consequences for failing to report, even though both the CDC and the VAERS websites direct doctors to file a report whether or not they believe the vaccine had anything to do with the adverse event. Doctors preemptively declare it a coincidence – even when a quick look at the federal table of injuries may show that the adverse event is listed on the table. But many pediatricians and parents do not even know about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program or the federal table of injuries.

24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1JeF7eVVak




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27 See attached letter, "In Support of An Ethical Physician"



29 https://www.nvic.org/Downloads/3914Newsletter.aspx

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