Corvallis Cycle City

Bicyclists have a right to the road.  Pedestrians have a right to the sidewalk and crosswalks.  Many motorists don't know the relevant laws.

·       When passing through a bike lane, the same rules apply as turning through any other lane or crosswalk.  Wait until the bike lane is clear before passing through.  Bicycles in the bike lane have the right-of-way. ORS 811.435

·       As long as the bike lane remains clear, cars may enter bike lanes only when:

o   avoiding emergent conflict with other traffic ORS 811.560

o   making a turn ORS 811.440

o   momentary loading/unloading passengers or property ORS 811.560

o   unavoidably stopped and disabled ORS 811.560

o   specific situations related to farm vehicles, buses, road crews, and Dept of Fish & Wildlife ORS 811.440, ORS 811.560

·       The bike lane is a true lane of traffic.  For safety, it must be clear of garbage cans, leaf piles, open mailboxes, side view mirrors, and other hazards. CMC Parking in a bike lane can get your car towed. ORS 811.555

·       Check your mirrors and signal every turn. Turns across the bike lane are the biggest killer of cyclists. The signal is for the one you don't see. ORS 811.335

·       Look around before you open your door ORS 811.490, and as you pull out of a parking space ORS 811.505. Failure to yield to a cyclist can earn a ticket.

·       Cars are required to yield to anybody on a sidewalk or crosswalk, marked or not. That means every intersection without a light and when pulling in or out of a driveway.  ORS 811.025, 811.055, 801.220

·       Follow a safe distance behind a cyclist in the roadway until you have room to safely pass on the left. ORS 811.410, 811.065 If you plan to turn soon, stay behind the bike until it passes your turn. The cyclist has the right to take up the whole lane when appropriate. ORS 814.430

·       Please do not honk, gun your engine, or yell at cyclists. We know you're there, but you probably don't see the road surface obstacles with which we're dealing. Harassment is criminal.  ORS 163.190, 163.195, 166.065

We, the undersigned residents of Corvallis, respectfully request that Corvallis Police intensify efforts to protect vulnerable roadway users via existing legal protections. We ask that drivers who commit offenses against pedestrians or cyclists, including excess speed or unsafe passing, be appropriately cited.  We ask that CPD proactively enforce the bicycle right-of-way, and act on bike lane obstructions as if the obstruction was in a motor vehicle lane.

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