Rabbits on this meat farm in Victoria, Australia are suffering from gruesome injuries, missing limbs, and living amongst their own dead

Gutwrenching undercover footage has come out of a commercial rabbit meat farm in Victoria, Australia -- the abuse is beyond belief, which is why it's so incredible that Animal Liberation, the organization that obtained the footage, is bringing to light what is really happening inside this nightmare farm. 

Sign now and demand that parliament shut this and every other factory rabbit farm down! 

Rabbits are being kept in dark, dusty cages, their eyes wide with fear. Many of them are injured, the most gruesome being exposed leg bones and bloody face wounds. Some of the poor things appear to have necks twisted so that their heads are nearly upside down, and they fall and struggle as they try to move. One part of the footage shows a living rabbit squirming as it is thrown into a bucket of dead ones. One distressed bunny is seen chewing on the metal bars of its cage, desperate to escape the torment.

What's even more heartbreaking is these same exact rabbit breeds that are being so violently neglected behind closed doors are the same breeds that many people adopt as pets and companions. And these smart, gentle creatures make wonderful family pets. 

The bottom line is, factory farming -- the mass production of animals for their meat and other products -- goes hand in hand with cruelty. When animals' bodies are treated as a profit metric and not as living, breathing, feeling things, exploitation and abuse is sure to follow. There are humane, ethical ways to farm these animals -- and this just isn't it. A lack of "proactive oversight" in the factory farming industry means that abuses happen first, and even then enforcement is spotty and weak. That's why Animal Justice Party member Andy Meddick is presenting to Parliament a bill that would make factory farming rabbits totally illegal -- it's the only way to make sure this never happens again.

Sign the petition asking that the Parliament of Victoria, Australia vote yes on this bill that would ban factory farming of rabbits! 

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