HOSPITAL suspends a FEMALE Doctor for raising her voice against Harassment, Hazing & Discrimination

  • by: Dr. Asha Kamnani
  • recipient: American Medical Association, Department of Public Health, Medical Board of California, President of United States, american Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Doctors are the Captain of the Ship for Health Care.They are the best Patient advocates. Hospital Administration with the support of nurses make policies and regulations pertaining to patient care. Harassment and Hazing of doctors with Gender & Racial discrimination is prevalent in Health Care. Nurses have a Union and this makes them a strong organization. I was harassed, hazed and discriminated by some nurses at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns in San Diego, California. In addition to a heavy workload of 8 to 10 deliveries in a 13 hour night shift, I had to put up with this toxic behavior in Labor and Delivery for 3 continuous nights a week in the last 4 months. I reported this to my boss, nurse manager and CEO and received no reply from the CEO. My boss told me to accept this toxic culture as it was in place already for several years with several female doctors going through it and accepting it. I sent an assertive email to CEO and the response was a suspension of my privileges in the middle of the night on a weekend. . The Chief of Staff, Dr. Christopher Morache (psychiatrist) advises me to go through Psychological evaluation and tells me that I will FAIL it anyway. As a Psychiatrist, He should speak with me and ask me my issues and see how the situation can be resolved. Do you feel that raising my voice against harassment and discrimination deserves a suspenson and end of my medical career by National Practitioner Data Bank and Medical Board of California reporting? If the answer is NO, then please sign my petition. This is not just for me, but to help prevent such unfair punishments to physicians or anyone else in the future. This is ABUSE OF POWER.

As Female physicians, we carry a heavy burden. We are not only paid less for equal work, we are also treated drastically differently then our male counterparts, despite having the same level of training (and sometimes even more) as our male colleagues. This is a normal cultural norm in the American Medical System that must change, considering more and more females are filling the voids of the hysician shortage. 

Health care corporations have bylaws that give them the power of dictatorship. They create fear in doctors and bring about mental trauma through unfair medical executive meetings and decisions. There is no freedom of speech. When you raise your voice against injustice, or the stress of hazing and harassment you are going through due to being bullied by nurses or by senior medical staff in administration, you get suspended. They report lies to National Practitioner Data Bank and Medical Board of California so that you are never again able to find a job or have a license. This is the Hitlerism that needs to end.

Laws need to change:

1)Medical Executive Committee and CEO of a Hospital cannot suspend a doctor without first having a confidential compassionate meeting with the physician involved.The physician should be allowed to have 2 people who will help support the physician.
2)When a physician reports a nursing issue that affects patient care, it must receive top priority and the Nursing manager and another physician in charge must meet with the concerned physician within 24 hours. Patient quality care issue must be corrected within 48 hours
3)If a physician feels harassed, hazed or bullied by a particular nurse more than 2 times, a physician has the right to request that this particular nurse not be assigned to the physician concerned. This is very important to maintain good quality care.
4)Nurses must be assigned to patients based on experience and patient problem complexity. Nurses should not be assigned by the race of the patient. Experienced nurses are normally assigned to white or rich patients.
5)CEO cannot block the physician from the hospital email system without giving the physician 24 hours notice so that the physician can collect emails of communication to protect her in case of a lawsuit or mediation.
6)CEO and administration must reply to physician emails within 24 hours.
7)Hospital Corporations must not report to National Practitioner Data Bank and Medical Board of California unless patient clinical safety is of concern. This must be proven and communicated with the physician involved in a professional and transparent way. Humanity and Compassion dictates that we must also help the physician involved as physician stress and emotional personal issues must be addressed and help physician recover and come back to employment as soon as it is safe for patient care. Hospital Corporations cannot do anything that will harm the livelihood of another physician without proper evaluation and counseling.
8)Nurses and Adminstration will not haze, harass and bully physicians. This is mandatory for the health of the physician and therefore for patient safety. This requires that Health Care must be led by physicians.

Healthy and Happy physicians leads to Healthy and Happy patients. Frustrated, bullied and harassed physicians leads to increasing mental disorders and suicides among physicians and early physician retirements. The profession gets a bad reputation and students then hesitate to go into the field. Physician shortages cause poor patient access to quality health care.

Let us work together to create a healthy America and a healthy world.

This is Dr. Asha. I am a retired Obstetrician in San Diego. I was working as an Obstetrician at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns. I was harassed by the nurses and I also exprienced Gender and Racial discrimination from the nurses and administration. When I raised my voice against it, I received no response and finally when I was assertive about my demands to end this violent and toxic atmosphere, I was suspended. The hospital Medical Executive Committee reported this to National Practitioner Data Bank and Medical Board of California as though it was my fault. They said that I did not work cooperatively with nurses and administration. In order to work cooperatively, I must tolerate and accept harassment and discrimination. I had to resign and lost my second job as well that I was doing on a part time basis. I have been told by recruiters that I will not be able to find another job. I have had no clinical issues with patients and no bad outcomes. I think this is unfair and no one should have to lose their career for speaking the truth and for standing for their self respect and dignity. 

I have started a Facebook Group called: Doctors Against Corporate Slavery. I am here to speak from my heart. The language of the heart is Universal. Corporation: Working together as one entity. This is only possible if each one abides by the principle of Truth, Kindness, Compassion and Integrity. The Health Care industry must follow this model in order to succeed in providing quality health care in order to maintain the nobility of the medical profession. Instead Corporate Health Care is now based on principles of profit and fear. Golden chains of insurance and other benefits and staff privileges keep the corrupt cycle in motion. Doctors by their education must be the captain of the ship. The captain of the ship is now the CEO who is power hungry, egocentric and greedy. Nurses with their unionization have become powerful and have placed doctors at the bottom of the chain of command. Lawyers, Insurance companies, CEO, Medical Executive Committee and Nurses basically run health care. No one pays attention to their character when they are hired. This leads to a toxic culture of bullying, harassment, racism and gender discrimination perpetrated on the medical floor daily by nurses towards doctors and backed by CEO and team. Racism and Gender Discrimination with Hazing is a big taboo topic. It is a dirty stain on human conscience and to the hospital popularity. You raise your voice about it and you get fired or suspended. White patients get the best nurses. Male doctors specially the good looking ones with a fat pocket are treated with loving attention. Female doctors are treated as second class doctors by the nurses and administration. If you are ethnic and female, it gets even worse. These forms of behavior are poisonous to our mental and physical health. We need Health Care Corporations that will listen fairly without discrimination to all their doctors, patients and all employees including technicians, assistants, receptionists, etc.

I need your help to create a better world for me, you and all in this world. Let us create a beautiful world together. Please sign my petition. 

" In the good of others, lies our own good,

In the progress of others lies our own progress,

In the joy of others lies our own joy."

Immense gratitude from my heart for your hope, help and cooperation

Dr. Asha

Update #55 years ago
NPDB dispute resolution: Sharp Memorial Hospital says that they did not like me telling media about the discrimination I experienced. They have added that there were nursing and patient complaints. I have sent NPDB proof of emails and messages that support my work. My boss told me that nurses liked me after 6 weeks of working at SMH. In April, The nursing manager confirmed that there were no nursing complaints against me.
Update #45 years ago
Thank You everyone for supporting me and the issues that we physicians face. NPDB dispute resolution process has started. Let us pray for success.
Update #35 years ago
Please watch my video on Youtube. Below is the link.

Update #25 years ago
After receiving the NPDB report, that Sharp Mary Birch filed against me in retaliation, Teladoc, a Telemedicine company that I have worked for 2 years terminated me. They did not tell me or speak to me. All they did was to make my online account inactive. I found out only when I tried to log in. This is inhumane. Compassion in Health Care is at it lowest. This petition is important to all of us. Thank You to all my signers.
Update #15 years ago
My Dear Supporters, I have changed the title of my petition. I need your support to stop Hospitals from harassing and hazing female ethnic doctors. Your signature on my petition will go a long way in creating awareness of the stress female physicians face in medical practice.
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