Animal Channel-Stop airing Beastzilla & shows where people hunt animals in their habitat.

The Animal Channel (they should change their name to the Animal Hunt & Kill Channel) hosted a series around Halloween called Beastzilla. They are calling the animals which are in their habitat "beasts", "monsters", and "maneaters".  In the last several hours I have watched an episode on pythons in Florida, tigers, mountain lions, and "Hogzilla" (trophy shot below).

As a child I used to watch Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.  It was a wonderful program.  I learned so much about animals.  Mom and Dad watched with us.  There was no hunting and killing of animals.  Just animals doing what animals do and educating us about animals.

The Animal Channel is no longer a show about conservation, preservation, and educating the public about the beauty of animals. 

The Animal Channel has in my opinion turned into a channel that glorifies hunting and killing.  Many people don't want to watch this.  All I see lately is hunt, trap, and kill.

Your Beastzilla airings are about the people on each episode hunting and killing animals that are in their own habitat. Of course as needed the episodes include people who are equipped with night cameras, night lenses, high powered rifles, etc.  When the animals come out to feed in daylight it is rare, unreal, and not normal according to the commentator.  These things just don't happen so the animals must be disturbed/must be crazy.  No - they are hungry!

All I see on the Animal Channel lately is how the animals are at fault. We are encroaching on their habitat. It is the same as if I stepped into someone's backyard that was not my yard. When the animals act like animals and attack - they are considered "beasts", "monsters" and "maneaters" if they attack a human.

Right at this moment I am watching a show on a man/hunter who is going way out into the woods to hunt "Hogzilla".  This hog is in the middle of nowhere and he is considered a "killer hog" by the people because this beast is over 600 pounds and capable of destroying vehicles and hurting people due to its size.  The hog has never bothered anyone and the film shoot is in the middle of nowhere in the Carolina woods.  The hunter's goal is to kill this "maneating" hog.  The hunter is equipped with cameras all over the woods and as commentator states - day after day the hunter goes out looking for "Hogzilla".  4 months later and the hunter has been going into the woods everyday, then he finally sees "Hogzilla" on a camera.  Really?  Four months to try to catch this killer, maneating hog that has done no harm to humans.  The only reason they are trying to catch this hog is because he is so big.  The hog is not harming anyone. 

The hunter went into the woods to find this animal and after 4 months has not found him, but 3 gunshots later has killed another hog that charged him in the woods.  Congratulations to the Animal Channel and this hunter.  Still no "Hogzilla", but the hunter/Animal Channel managed to kill an innocent animal just for the show.

As I am still watching this episode on TV - they are now showing the hunter is going to use other methods to hunt "Hogzilla".  The commentator is stating how "Hogzilla" is so smart eluding being killed.  The hunter is now in a tree stand and has been waiting 8 hours and "Hogzilla" appears.  The hunter turns on a light since it is dark, and "Hogzilla" disappears into the night.

It's now a commercial and the commentator states - next the hunter comes face to face with the "monster".

This is not what I want to view on the Animal Channel.  Some redneck with a gun going into the woods to hunt an animal that is not doing anything and is obsessed with killing this "mankilling" animal. 

It just happened - the hunter (Jet Wet) just shot/killed "Hogzilla" after more than 3 years.  The show started with "Hogzilla" being a "beast", "monster", and "maneater" and it took the hunter 3 years to finally kill "Hogzilla"  3 years!!!

Jet, the hunter comes down from his tree and he discovers after he killed "Hogzilla" that there are piglets all around him.  Now Jet is scared and he wants to put a distance between the now dead  "Hogzilla" and getting out of the woods.  They (Jet and Chad, his hunting companion) don't want to leave "Hogzilla" so they are careful and drag "Hogzilla" out in the dark with an ATV.  The commentator states - the hunt is finished and Jet has won. 

They (Jet, his family and friends) are going to eat "Hogzilla" and it will feed Jet's family for a year and Jet is bringing sausages to the firehouse/department.  The episode ends with the commentator saying - how many of these beasts still exist out in the wild?  We will never know.  (Ooo - mystery.  I feel this allows the Animal Channel a few more episodes to exploit "Hogzilla"'s death, and his piglet decendants since they mentioned the piglets.)

Of course there was the trophy picture - Jet the hunter with his gun sitting behind the now dead "Hogzilla" smiling away.

Personally, I hope they all choke and die on "Hogzilla"'s flesh.  3 years to hunt this animal and bring him down.  "Hogzilla" was a huge hog that outsmarted the hunter and stayed alive.  Rest in peace Hogzilla.  You did nothing wrong, you were just being a hog.  You were big hog thus some human had a goal to hunt and kill you for bragging rights and as a trophy.

Next Animal Planet Beastzilla episode.  Viewer discretion advised. In Cape Town, Australia - idiots on a large boat fishing are fishing, someone catches something.  A lot of screaming occurs.  A news article appears and and they think it might be a whale.  The fishing boat was sank.  Mystery - what was it that sank this boat and killed the people on board?  This is how the episode starts.

The Animal Channel needs to support animals and not make animals the villians.  All I see lately is people killing animals on the Animal Channel and making people scared of animals that are doing nothing but being in their natural habitat and acting like animals.

The Animal Channel needs to stop airing these shows. All it does is scare people, and encourage people hunt them. 

It seems like the Animal Channel has turned into the Animal Hunting& Killing Channel.

Anyone who agrees with my comments, please sign this petition.  Your comments are appreciated as well.

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