Stop the legal killing of dogs and cats in Sweden

In Sweden its common practise in the countryside and rural environment to "euthanize" your own pets instead of letting a vet do it because it costs too much. This is all fully legal for anyone who has a hunting license and gun ownership, and it doesn't matter if the animals are in pain, dying or even a danger to others, it can be for any reason the owner wants. No chance or re-homing if the owner isn't interested. They don't need to report it or ask for permission as it's seen as their property. It is also common in the countryside to shoot unwanted kittens that can't be sold. This is NOT done by normal pet owners in Sweden, but only a few people like hunters in the countryside who sees it as a cheap solution instead of letting a vet do it for payment.

If it's a puppy or kitten younger than 14 days, it is also legal and recommended by the Swedish Board of Agriculture to euthanize them by bashing them in the head with a club or other heavy object instead of shooting them.

Guidelines and recommendations by the governmental Swedish Board of Agriculture for private euthanization of dogs and cats:

"Dogs and cats

"The most common method of killing dogs and cats is to allow a vet to kill the animal by an overdose of anesthetic. It is also legal to shoot the animal on your own under certain circumstances (gun ownership and hunting license). Puppies and kittens younger than 14 days should be killed by hitting them in head."

Slow sled dogs and unsuccessful hunting dogs are particulary at risk and can get legally killed by their owners through gunshot, even if they are fully healthy. In most civilized and EU countries, this wouldnt be allowed, or seen as acceptable!

This petition is a follow up to the one by Heather Bryson in Sweden who's young and healthy Alaskan husky sled dogs was sold to new owners, and found out 2 weeks later that the huskies had been shot dead by the new owners and there was nothing she could do since The Swedish Board of Agriculture allows gun owners with hunting license to euthanize their own pets through gunshot:

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