Save the LOVE LIONS ALIVE Project. Don't auction off the lions and their home.

No money required. Just 5 minutes of your time. We appeal to you to do this one small thing towards stopping the sale of 48 lions and 15 cubs as well as their land by Transmans CEO Angela Dick.
Email her at
Send her a plea to give amnesty to Pat Shannon's Love Lions Alive Project. To meet with Traci, Thandi and Thulani the lion project team. Or at the very least, to allow them time to raise the necessary funds.
Below is a letter of petition, it gives details. Please either sign it and forward this to everyone you know who would care to help. Or send a short email of your own to Angela Dick.
The more response Angela and her CEO's receive, the better.
Corporate social responsibility and the Triple Bottom Line are realities her company should be cognizant of.
We the undersigned petition you to save the LOVE LIONS ALIVE project.

Lions, cubs, Lion workers and their families are all about to loose their lives or incomes when they or their homes are auctioned next month to pay Angela  Dick of Transman an amount owed to her which the lion reserve simply can't afford.

Pat Shannon's passion has been about saving the African Lion gene pool whilst creating an awareness of the value of Living Lions as opposed to hunted lions. He has found that the people who value lions and are willing to pay for lions want them dead.
Pat has loved and raised his lions with the intention of sharing the love of living lions with humans. The majority of Pat's lions are 'wild' in temperament and live in large camps having no contact with humans other than when carcasses are dragged into their enclosures by the tractor. The 'Living with lions' prides are friendly lions who, although not tamed, will allow the few humans that they have accepted into their pride, to walk amongst them. Pat allows people to visit and get to know these awesome predators.
For the love of Africa and the privilege of hearing lions roar, for the continuation of the lion gene pool and the gift we give our children by preserving this African heritage... Allow Pat and his team, daughter Traci, Thandi and Thulani, to continue to raise these special lions. They use the highest ethical standards when dealing with these lions. They allow each lion's own character to determine whether or not he/she will interact with humans. Only the lions who want to interact do. This team are in awe of their feline friends and are humbled to be working with the lions.
The lions also have rights, they have the right to stay together with their individual prides. They have a right to their land.
Pat's team has been working on this LOVE LIONS ALIVE Project with fantastic results. Every visitor to Glen Garriff leaves with a love for lions, they leave as ambassadors for keeping lions alive.

Pat is vehemently against 'canned hunting' and will not sell his lions to be hunted in order to raise the money owed to Transman.
Transman's founder and CEO, Angela Dick has been heaped with accolades attesting to her good character and humanitarian ways. We feel confidant that if she ways aware of the consequences of having Pat's lion reserve auctioned off and the lions sold to hunters, she would call off the auction.
A book on Influential women says:"Angela Dick has a mission in life: to improve the quality of life for as many South Africans as possible The future of South Africa depends on every individual making a contribution to the wellbeing and betterment of our people, even if it’s in a small way."

We appeal to her to visit the lions before she continues along this path upon which there will be no going back. Once the lions are sold and hunted, there is no putting it all back together again.
The lions love one another, they trust human beings, they are sentient beings... Angela Dick should at an absolute minimum, visit the lions to see that this is not just any business she is crushing on her R400 million business's ever-onward-push to rake in another few million.
The money owed by Pat Shannon to Angela Dick at Transman, was not incurred by Pat himself or his Lion reserve. He became liable due to legal terminology on a badly drafted sales agreement and the money owed is the interest and legal fees incurred on top of a debt which he paid in full.
Perspective needs to be found between what this man owes to Transman and what he is doing with his lions.

Angela Dick said in Entrepreneur Magazine: "
"If there is anything within my power I can do to help anyone in need, I will do it"

Transman's attachment of Pat's Farm and lions, has resulted in the team working with their hands shackled whilst trying to keep the lions and their cubs alive. Traci, Thandi and Thulani have to had to raise money to buy cub food, keep fences and equipment in good order, drive 100's of kilometers a day to fetch dead cows donated by local farmers to feed the lions and pay staff wages all without being allowed to sell assets or turn the farm into a going concern. We believe that Angela Dick who it is said of in Entrepreneur Magazine, believes that "You have to take your heart to work. You must have passion, commitment, loyalty, integrity and ethics. I believe we all have a contribution to make to advance our society and grow our country", can't be aware of the perilous situation her company is causing.

This petition calls for Angela Dick and her CEOs to save Pat Shannon's Love Lions Alive Project, to allow the continuation of his team's work with his lions and to allow the team the freedom  to run Glen Garriff as a Lion Lodge and Reserve so that an income can be generated in order for them to feed and care for the lions.

We can not sit back and do nothing when perfectly healthy, happy lions are going to be auctioned off to hunters to raise money for Transman. We are asking for the reserve and the project to be allowed to continue.

The bottom line is that whether these lions belong to a man who owes interest on a debt, whether they are living in captivity and are wild or were hand reared, whether they are Free State lions, white or brown... They deserve to remain alive and with their prides. Their lives should not be held forfeit while human issues are being sorted out... End of story!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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