Help Save The Planet By Turning Off The Tap!

Most households use much more water than necessary, and although water is considered a natural resource, it still is important that we only use what we need. If we do not save water, it is likely we could run out. Now, you might think that isn't plausible. But, it really is. 97% of Earth's water supply is accounted for in the oceans. The remaining 3 percent is accounted for as glaciers, ice caps, groundwater, rivers and lakes, and in the atmosphere. Because saltwater is undrinkable, that means we can't use about 97% of the planet's water supply.

What would happen if we ran out of drinkable water? Theoretically this probably wouldn't happen, but if it did somehow, we would have a worldwide crisis. If we ran out of water, we would probably not survive long with whatever we had left. This would essentially create an apocalyptic event. If we lost our supply of water, we would lose all living livestock, and all of our plants would die. We would no longer have any food, so we would starve to death. However, we would have already died due to dehydration before we lost all signs of plant life. Seeing as every living thing needs water, life, as we know it would cease to exist. Assuming all bodies of water are empty, and at this point there are only sea or riverbeds, the result would probably be quite depressing. The planet would be a lifeless gray-brown color.

Since it is impossible to manufacture water, we have to conserve what we already have. Some simple things we can do to help conserve water, would be to turn off the tap when we're brushing our teeth, take shorter showers, install a rain-barrel, turn the water off when washing dishes, water our plants in the early morning so less gets evaporated, or possibly add mulch around our trees and plants to slow the evaporation of water. We could also minimize the amount of dishes we hand wash, and try to cut down on our garbage disposal use in the sink. We can also check our faucets and pipes for leaks, and try to only run the washing machine when it's full. Some ways we can be convincing our families and friends to conserve water, will be getting them to repair leaks in their homes for the sake of their water bill, suggest water saving shower heads and faucet aerators, convince them to turn off the water when brushing their teeth, helping them install low or dual flush models, or by getting them to go to water conscious car washes. I hope this encourages you to make small changes, and help save the planet. Thank you!

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