Make the Westcliff / Rutland crosswalk light up!

Don Fuschetti was hit by a car and killed while INSIDE THE CROSSWALK on Sunday, Oct. 11, at 8:00 at night. This crosswalk is heavily used, poorly lighted, and is terribly unsafe. Don was a graduate of Lincoln Elementary and Corona del Mar High School in the 80's. He had a very large group of friends who loved him and are all shaken at this accident.

The crosswalk is located on Westcliff Drive, between Irvine and Dover.

We ask that the city of Newport Beach add flashing lights that are embedded into the asphalt at this crosswalk, just like exists a few blocks west on 17th Street, near Pierce Street Annex. This road has heavy car traffic, and lots of people crossing to go to the Irvine Co.'s Westcliff Shopping Center. It is risky to cross on foot, and if it had the flashing lights, our friend Don would probably be alive today. Newport Beach, please make this happen.

Dear City Council and Staff of the City of Newport Beach:

The crosswalk over Irvine Avenue at Rutland is very heavily travelled by pedestrians day and night, and is poorly lit.  The recent death of Don Fuschetti, who was hit by a car and killed in this crosswalk a few weeks ago, was a terrible shock to hundreds of people who knew and loved him.  The driver of the car was not drunk or otherwise impaired, and he was not distracted by a cell phone.  It was dark, and he simply did not see Don, and Don did not see the car, believing, as most people do, that a crosswalk is a safe zone.  The driver is a victim of this accident too, as is the distraught young girl who was in the car with him, who witnesses believed to be his granddaughter.  

There have been deaths at this, and the crosswalk next door, at Buckingham, before.  A lady was hit and killed just a couple of years ago there.  These are completely avoidable.  This is absolutely unacceptable in our sophisticated urban environment.  

We ask the city to install on-demand yellow flashing lights embedded into he concrete that will operate when a pedestrian pushes the button.  This system exists a few blocks down on the same street in front of Pierce Street Annex, and are helpful to pedestrians and drivers alike.  Drivers appreciate the "heads up" they provide.

We know it is an expense, and we understand that the number of regulatory hoops increases parabolically as the scope of a project increases.  So, all we are asking for is the asphalt lights and a push-button on each side.  The location in front of Pierce Street Annex has cross-arms over the street with more flashing lights, but in order to make this project happen with certainty and at a more rapid pace, the cross-arms are not needed.  Just the flashing lights in the asphalt will alert drivers and do the job.  Had these lights been there, Don Fuschetti and the other lady would certainly be alive today.

This petition contains over 1,300 signers who feel strongly that this should be done.  Many contain comments reinforcing their opinion.  

We ask the city of Newport Beach to make this improvement as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Update #41 years ago
SUCCESS! The City of Newport Beach just installed a lighting system to give pedestrians safety in this crosswalk. They can now push a button and lights will flash while the person crosses the road. I tested it - the lights are bright and shine right at oncoming cars. I would like to thank everybody who signed the petition. And BIG kudos to Care2 Petitions for hosting the petition. Over 1,300 signers...we made a difference, in Don Fuschetti's name. Thank you, AF
Update #31 years ago
Very soon this crosswalk will have a lit warning to motorists! It will be a series of flashing lights on crosswalk signs that will flash when a person presses the button at the crosswalk. It will get drivers' attention and alert them to be on the lookout! It is still very sad that if it had been in place a few weeks ago Don Fuschetti would still be with us.
We want to thank NB Deputy Public Works Director Mark Vukojevic, and this petition site, Care2 Petitions.
Update #21 years ago
We will present this petition to the Newport Beach City Council at the council meeting on Tuesday, November 10, at 7:00pm. With 1,300 signatures and many powerful comments, the people of our community have formed a strong, unified voice for this crosswalk to be lit! We welcome any supporters to join us to show the council that this needs to be done. Thank you. RIP Foosh.
Update #11 years ago
Dear friends:

The petition to have the crosswalk on Westcliff Drive lit up just gained signer # 1,000! I want to thank you all very much for signing the petition. It will make a difference!

Best regards,
Armstrong Fleck
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