Immediate action needed to help the donkeys!

  • by: Maria Wargo
  • target: Dr. Mark Wenzel Superintendent and Anacortes WA School Board Members
On January 18th, a cruel game of "donkey ball" is supposed to take place at Anacortes Middle School in Anacortes, Washington. We have just a few days to stop this.

"Donkey ball" is a chaotic game in which gentle donkeys are shoved, kicked, yanked, or whipped by riders trying to score points in the name of “entertainment.” Games of "donkey ball" are held in school gyms and are very noisy. Innocent donkeys also subjected to deafening crowds, which is terrifying for them. With no escape, the donkeys cry out in fear and frustration, which is apparently part of the “fun."

This “game” must be stopped. We can’t help but be reminded of the brutal killing of Pasado the donkey just over 20 years ago at the hands of teenagers in the name of “fun." These adults should know better!

Superintendent and and Anacortes WA School Board Members:

The key to preventing cruelty is education. What message are you sending by allowing a game of "donkey ball" to be held on school premises, promoting animal cruelty by and turning it into a game and a laughing matter? Kicking, yanking, whipping and shoving gentle donkeys is not a game or a sport.

Your job as public servants is to serve as examples and demonstrate kindness and responsibility to animals and towards others. "Donkey ball" is an abusive practice. Do you consider such mistreatment of animals to be part of your educational materials and programs? Is this how the public schools partner with students, family, friends and teachers to humanely and responsibly interact with our natural world? Is this how schools promote to value and protect what we know and care about?

By hosting "donkey ball" on school property, the Anacortes School District is in effect promoting the kicking, yanking, whipping and shoving of animals. It is sending the message that it is ok to do this to animals and also to others including pets and promoting animal cruelty.

I was shocked to see that "donkey ball" would be held in my own community and on school grounds. It is a living example of animal neglect and cruelty in schools and does not promote kindness and responsibility.

I know that in previous years, people involved with animal welfare have asked for a stop to this practice. Other schools have received negative publicity for holding such an event. What needs to happen to create a change in the Anacortes School District.

I teach my children and grandchildren to value and care for other creatures. I have also told them to observe how people treat animals as how they do this gives a strong indication of how they will treat people.

Dr. Mark Wenzel Superintendent

“We care” is a good way to sum it up. We care about each other.

Phone: 360-293-1210
Jennifer Tottenham, Assistant to the Superintendent

Phone: 360-293-1211

School Board Members:

Jeannette Papadakis
Term ends: 2015

Bobbilyn Hogge
Term ends : 2013

Dr. Lynne Lang
Term ends : 2015

Karl Yost
WIAA Representative
Term ends: 2015

Erin Rieger
Term ends: 2017

Tina Franulovich-Martin, Cultural Education Coordinator
Phone: 360-299-1850

— Reporter Kera Wanielista

Update #13 years ago
Thank you all for your support. The event is cancelled. This wouldn't have happened without involvement of all who took action to inform others of this cruel practice. Thanks to those who took the time to call and/or email the School and the local news. Please be aware of any similar events that are planned and let the sponsors know this is not an acceptable practice even as a fund raiser for worthy causes. Thanks Pasado's Safe Haven to end this practice.
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