Make the City of Los Angeles do The Right Thing

  • by: Canyon Defenders
  • target: The Mayor of Los Angeles, Chief Zoning Adminstrator Linn Wyatt, Planning Director of the City of Los Angeles Michael LoGrande, Councilmember Tom LaBonge, City Attorney of the City of Los Angeles Carmen Trutanich

This is a call-to-action for our citizens and a demand to the city government of Los Angeles to take action inspired by the lack of oversight on an irresponsible construction project despite numerous egregious violation of the law.

We want to set a precedent for how the City, specifically the Departments of Planning, Zoning and Building & Safety operate in accordance to the laws and mandates governing them - specifically relating to the Stanley Hills Wildlife corridor. Questions we would like answered and acted upon immediately are listed below.
1. Linn Wyatt
Chief Zoning Administrator

Dear Mz Wyatt,
There is nothing unclear about the Stanley Hills wildlife corridor condition -
1. Why did you step in and give preferential attention to Yossi Attia?
2. Why did you change the boundaries of this corridor with your special letter?
3. After it was found that your special letter was in error why did you change the planning commissions designations and protections behind closed doors?
4. Why shouldn't you recuse yourself from this case?

2. Michael LoGrande
Planning Director, the City Of Los Angeles

Chief zoning Administrator Lynn Wyatt's special letter was determined to be in error and did not provide for a functioning wildlife corridor. It was clear that she over-extended her assistance to the benefit of the developer, so:
1 - Why was she allowed to remain in charge of the case?
2 - Why haven't you stepped in and used your leadership to protect this wildlife corridor and to ensure that your department follows proper protocol.
3 - Why isn't your office responding and working shoulder-to-shoulder with environmental agencies like the Santa Monica Mountains Concervency. 

3. Tom LaBonge
Councilmember, Council District 4
We Know that Griffith Park is the crown-jewel of your Council District. The Laurel Canyon wildlife corridor is a part of that crown jewel's eco-connectivity. The Stanley Hills Development and this huge environmental loss is in your council district.  We are asking that you ensure that this stretch of the wildlife corridor is returned to the original SMMC recommendation of a 20 foot width.  It has currently been diminished to 10 foot minimums though stubborn opposition by developer Yossi Attia. Over the last 100 years the animal access at this Stanley Hills development site has been 150 feet wide and today the city has allowed it's reduction to 0 feet.
We are asking for your support in rectifying this situation.

4. Carmen Trutanich
City Attorney for the City of Los Angeles
You can clearly see the 2004 destruction of a 100 year old oak tree that is protected by law In our video. Seven protected trees were destroyed by Mr Yossi Attia without permits which are issued to ensure mitigations with bonding and replacement trees. Your office is aware of this. We not only want the bonding and mitigations ensured, we would like to see these violations punished to the full extent of the law.

Thank you

You are activly engaging in changing  how our city government treats it's citizens, environment and wildlife. Civic participation is the only way to insure our government is the best it can possibly be. Keep up the good work. This petition will be hand delivered when we have  reached our signature goal.

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