• by: Mona Ouellette
  • target: Russ Hiebert, Conservative MP for South Surrey......White Rock, BC

How many times have you walked past a pet shop and seen a sick or distressed animal for sale, or an animal who looks too young to be away from its mother, or an animal without access to food and water? What you have witnessed is cruelty.

Animal abuse and pet shops are two sides to the same coin. This is because pet shops are businesses and making money will always take precedence over the well being of the animals in their care.

Animals are housed 24hrs a day in tiny display cages. During the day they are surrounded by bright lights, noise and excited shoppers; at night they are alone and unsupervised. This seriously compromises their welfare.

The animals sold in pet shops are sourced cheaply from ‘puppy farms’ or backyard breeders, where the parents are housed and bred in appalling conditions at minimal cost. These animals will never be walked, cuddled or played with, and they will never know the comforts of a home. As soon as they become sick or stop producing litters they are discarded as they are useless to the breeder. Pets shops are simply the public face of puppy farms.

Lets put a stop to this cruelty .

Thank you 




Dear Mr. Hiebert:

I am writing to let you know that I support the ban of the sale of animals in pet shops in Canada.

These animals are placed in display cases in these stores with barely enough room to turn around. It really tugs at your heart to see an animal caged in such a small space with no room to run and play.    

 I support the ban of all sources of profitable sales of cats and dogs, eg pet shops, Internet advertising and newspaper advertising are a big reason that there are so many animals in pounds and shelters.

Many of these cute puppies and kittens are supplied by puppy and kitten 'farms or mills' and other unscrupulous or accidental backyard breeders who churn out huge numbers of animals with no thought as to their long term wellbeing. Their only interest is in the profit to be made.   

These sources for easy purchase of cats and dogs typically encourage people to buy animals on impulse, without making sure they have the money or time to look after them properly for the length of their natural life. 
Only registered and responsible breeders who limit their litters carefully and make sure that the animals they breed are healthy, along with animal shelters and rescue groups should be able to advertise the sale of pets. 

If you care about these animals, we ask for your support and the call for a full enquiry into the pet industry. Thank you. 

Mona Ouellette

303-15131 Buena Vista Ave

White Rock, BC




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