Help stop Dolphin Drive Hunting

Dolphin Drive Hunting --- In Japan, the hunting is done by a select group of fishermen. When a pod of dolphins has been spotted, they're driven into a bay by the fishermen while banging on metal rods in the water to scare and confuse the dolphins. When the dolphins are in the bay, it is quickly closed off with nets so the dolphins cannot escape. The dolphins are usually not caught and killed immediately, but instead left to calm down over night. The following day, the dolphins are caught one by one and killed. The killing of the animals used to be done by slitting their throats, but the Japanese government banned this method and now dolphins may officially only be killed by driving a metal pin into the neck of the dolphin, which causes them to die within seconds.

Not only has this process so far killed 384 Striped Dolphins, 300 Bottlenose Dolphins, 312 Risso's Dolphins and 243 Southern Short Finned Pilot Whales, for a total of 1,239 animals, including Orcas, but the meat of the dolphins,whales,and porpoises that these countries are killing have bad meat which causes SICKNESS to the people, and THE CHILDREN who are getting free meat in Japan.

This process has been going on and on, and now, finally is needs to be stopped. SICK CHILDREN? ILLEGAL KILLING OF SEA CREATURES? This needs to end once and for all,so please, share this with all your friends and family, and sign my petition.

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