Make a difference for animals... STOP Animal Abuse & Cruelty!

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Many animals are taken complete advantage of, hurt, abused, neglected, killed... they can't speak for themselves, so who will? Just because they can't talk means that they are 'easy targets' and can be treated the way that they are by many people around the world? Animals are amazing and there are so many different kinds that do so many different things, if people could just realize that. Alot of animals are used for health care, therapy, company, friendship... they shouldn't be used for testing and making money. If an animal is born and raised in the wild, that is where it belongs-- it doesn't deserve to get captured and brought to a Zoo. If there is a stray cat, help it by bringing it to a shelter if you can. Buy a pet only if you are willing to love it unconditionally-- don't buy a pet just to use to breed and sell them and not give them the attention and love that they deserve. There are so many ways that people cause animal abuse and cruelty, and if people could realize that if they actually cared for them as much as animals care for people, maybe people would then realize in reality that what they are doing is extremely wrong. Domestic pets are so loving and they grow to love who they know and trust. If people weren't so selfish and disgusting, they would be able to realize that there is always a way to make a positive change.. why make a negative one when you can help by making a positive change? If everyone stopped being cruel to animals in different ways, it would create a huge impact. Instead of doing bad, people can do good-- for example, puppy mills. If people are so desperate to make money by animals, why not open your own animal related business such as a dog day care, a vets clinic, or shelter? Please sign and do your part to make a change.
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