Shut Down Murderous Fur Trade!

  • by: Eric Rardin
  • recipient: European Union and Senator Bernie Sanders

"More than 200 chinchillas may be killed to create just one fur coat." - PETA

What kind of human being would snuff out so many little lives for the sake of "fashion"?

Add your name if you want to shut down this horrible industry once and for all.

The story of chinchillas is a sad one.

The soft quality of their "fur has led to millions of them being killed so that hard-hearted humans can turn their skins into coats, scarves and throws.

"In the wild, chinchillas are now critically endangered as a result of humans hunting and trapping them for their fur.

"On fur farms, they're likely to be kept in tiny individual cages, piled on top of one another, where they are never able to interact with other members of their species.

"Around 80,000 chinchillas are still being farmed for fur across Europe – and many more globally.

"They're typically killed when they're just 8 months old – often, in horrible ways.

"One PETA US investigation documented a farmer breaking chinchillas' necks with his hands as they squealed in terror.

"In Europe, they're usually electrocuted before being skinned," according to PETA.

The worst part is, these magnificent little creatures are loving and kind.

"They're also notable for being kind to one another. For example, if a chinchilla mum has problems producing milk to feed her babies, another female will often step in to assist, while male chinchillas will often help out with babysitting.

"One day, hopefully, humans will learn to be kind to chinchillas, too, and stop slaughtering them in order to make gruesome pieces of clothing," said the same source.

You know the right thing to do.

But we have to act fast.

The short-tailed Chinchilla is already extinct, according to the IUCN.

This horrifying industry must be brought to an end forever.

Making it happen is going to take a huge concerted effort.

That's why we're calling on the European Union to work together and do whatever it takes to ban the farming of chinchillas throughout the E.U.

Additionally, we're calling on Senator Bernie Sanders to lead the charge in the USA.

He has been a long-term advocate for animal rights, and has co-sponsored numerous pieces of legislation to protect endangered species, as well as to combat animal cruelty. We're asking him to draft legislation that would put an end to chinchilla farming in the USA forever.

Don't you want to stop this cruel, heartless practice of murdering chinchillas for "fashion"?

Then add your name to join in the two-pronged effort to shut down this ghastly industry once and for all.

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