I demand my parental rights.i demand my children now!

    I just wanted to be stable. And now I am. I love my children! I was only afraid disappoint them. Msdhs made me feel unworthy. But I am worthy! I will love them more then anyone else. They are my blood and my soul. They lived inside my body. How dare I be afraid of the state. I was bullied to believe I wasn't enough. Even though I was denied to see them . It's the system that made me lose my bond . I want a chance to get one. I was ready and so close. Then ripped away for ever. It's injustice. I was told by one judge that I could take my time. And don't lose hope. They changed my judge and my caseworker to a horrible person. She lost filed documents. Blocked my phone calls. Then claims I didn't have contact. I was never served court papers. And when I finally got a hold of her. Lies about the date. The petition said I was morally unfit and put claims on the father for being a alcoholic. I've never even heard that before and before that. It's never been said or in our investigation. . Not only did the lies work but my children will never know how much I love them. I am mentally and physically exhausted . Im heart broken. And in severe depression. I want my children. I want to build a bond I was denied. I want my whole family to have them back. My family is torn apart because of this. And they just want the children back too. My sister kept all there stuff for there return. Now she is so broken because she really wanted to see there excited faces when she returned the things to them. The grandmother wants them so much, she only talks about them and she struggles to get close to her other grandchildren. She deserves them in her life again.
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