Save the Habitable Planet:Divest in Dirty Fossil Fuels! Invest in Clean Renewable Energy,Now!

  • by: Anonymous
  • recipient: United States Congress

World climatologist of the UN, The World Bank, Bill McKibben and Al Gore among many other great scientists worldwide have said we have only about 16 years to save the habitable planet from climate crisis catastrophe caused by global warming if we divest in dirty energy now. The U.S. is the only country in the world where the damage done by burning fossil fuels that produce carbon emissions and global warming, leading to extreme weather, is debated. We the people demand that our government divest in fossil fuel development now. If all the fossil fuels already stored and ready for burning on the planet, are distributed and used, the habitable planet cannot be saved. This is the warning that scientists worldwide, as well as The World Bank study, offer. Millions of tons of poisonous pollution are dumped into our atmosphere and into our lungs everyday, causing asthma, lung and other diseases, yet many of the multinaitonal fossil fuel corporations pay little taxes for the good or health of the nation. It's time to get tough with these "robber-baron" polluters. Divest in fossil fuels now and invest in geothermal, solar and wind energies that are clean and renewal and can help create jobs for our nation while supplying all our energy needs. Climate crisis catastrophe is here now with floods caused by super storms worldwide and droughts in farmlands everywhere. The World Bank has published a study showing how the continued burning and development of fossil fuels including oil, gas and coal will destroy the world economy. Each distructive super storm or drought caused by global warming and fossil fuel pollution is costing multibillions of tax dollars, bankrupting FEMA and creating millions of climate refugees every year. We want to save the habitable planet for ourselves and our children. When the glaciers, already over a third melted, are gone, the great rivers will dry up and become unable to irrigate farmlands. We must address climate crisis emergency now by divesting in fossil fuels. We demand taxes on carbon emissions, and development of clean renewable energy now. Divest in development of oil, natural gas and coal. There is no such thing as clean burning of any fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are counterproductive to life and the economy. There is no economic excuse for not taxing carbon emissions and divesting in dirty energy. There is only more death, climate refugees and monumental cost to be derived from dirty energy.

Hurricane Sandy that should be called the "Exxon Mobil Shell, etc. Franken storm"! People in New Orleans, Italy, England, the African Congo, China, and the Philippines, etc. are suffering from huge storms, floods and droughts as a result of Global Warming, caused by carbon emissions from dirty fossil fuel burning. It is pitiable and a huge moral issue faces us: We must protest the burning of dirty energy that will destroy our habitable planet and demand that our government representatives do what is morally correct to sustain life on Earth. There is no debate about it. Time is short. All the signs are upon us. We the people must act now to develop the strong political will to save ourselves and our children from the miseries that will ensue, caused by extreme weather from global warming.

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