They Tortured His Pet Parrot, Throwing Her in the Dryer and Wringing Her Neck

Sparky the parrot's owner loved her dearly. But one day, after he allowed two drunken friends to stay at his home, all of that fell to pieces.

He left to complete shopping errands, and when he returned, he found they'd sadistically tortured and killed his beloved pet.

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The details are gruesome. After Sparky's owner came back home, he noticed Sparky inside her cage, head limp and eyes glassy and unresponsive. Terrified, he rushed to inspect the bird closer. That's when he learned what his former "friends" had done to her.

In his absence, they covered the African grey parrot with hazardous chemicals, including heavy-duty oven cleaning spray, metal polish, furniture polish, and finally with glossy paint. But their cruelty didn't end there.

That's when the women tried to feed poor Sparky the bird to a dog. When that didn't kill the animal, they struck her with a towel, then turned on a tumble dryer for clothes and tossed the parrot inside. She was still alive by the end of the cycle, "gasping [her] last breath."

That's when one of the friends reached out and strangled the pet.

Authorities in the UK were appalled by the level of brutality. A judge sentenced both parties to 2 years and 1 month of jail each, as well as banning the two women from owning animals. These are very appropriate steps that will help keep future animals safe. What's also needed, though, is serious and intensive therapy.

Violence against animals often proceeds escalating violence against other humans - and therapy is an important preventative measure to make sure these women never commit such cruelty against another living being again.

Tell authorities in the UK to sentence both of these convicted animal abusers to intensive psychotherapy, to facilitate whatever healing is necessary in order to protect others from harm!
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