Final Fantasy is one of the most prestigious videogame franchises in the history of gaming, known for creating polished role-playing games with high production values.

However, us PC gamers have caught the short end of the stick with the PC versions of Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2. Released October 2014, the original title didn't even feature any customizable options, but Square listened to us and gave us resolution options and some minor graphical settings. These were incorporated into the second title which released in December.

But what was not fixed was the most important issue, the abysmal performance and glitches in the games.

Players experience:

- Severe framerate drops on both games even on hardware MUCH higher than recommended specs, the games are almost unplayable on minimal or recommended specs, which is complete misinformation.

- Both games contain a built-in framepacer which hard-locks the framerate to 30fps when it drops, even though we were promised 60fps from launch. This framepacer contains a bug which causes jitter and stuttering when it is locked at 30fps, which means the games don't even play smoothly if you cap at a lower framerate. Pre-rendered cutscenes and FMV cinematics also stutter severely because of the framepacing bug.

- Both games have broken resource management and do not utilize the full power of a player's CPU or GPU, by running all the games' logic on one thread. This means that even small 2D elements that are drawn on screen, such as the Battle HUD or Minimap can cause severe framerate drops.

- Both games can occasionally crash when loading a new area.

- XIII features a glitch where enemy information is missing in the intel/datalog screen when playing at any resolution higher than 720p. There are also some missing animations in certain menus such as the pause screen. This is not present in XIII-2.

- XIII-2 crashes when saving if Steam Cloud is activated, this can cause corrupted save files and means you can't backup your saves.

- XIII-2 has broken rain textures which cause a white static effect all over the screen when it is raining in-game. 

Final Fantasy fans are extremely loyal, but we are really not happy about this, and we want Square Enix to let us know if they are at least working on a fix for these otherwise beautiful games.

Please sign this petition to let Square Enix know how disappointed we are, and will not be buying their products again unless these issues are fixed in time for the launch of the next Final Fantasy XIII game; Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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