Make Astoria Great Again

    The problem in Astoria is the corrupted sanitation system. It does not only affect the Astoria community but also the city as a whole. This affects our community because the area itself is quite pricey and people want to get what they are paying for. This sanitation problem has brought to light how much the community is changing for the worse instead of the better.
    Ever since covid hit hard in New York the sanitation and care of the city itself has gone downhill. The number of rodents inAstoria has greatly increased in the past 2 years, Now when people walk down the street you are more likely to see a rat or roaches just casually strolling down your block.People who have been living in astoria all their lives can see a drastic change in their community.
    The issues in Astoria have gotten so bad people don’t want to move their for the safety of thier kids. The streets have become so dirty and homeless rates have risen.
    Astoria is becoming unsafe for people to start families it used to be a trusted community but now everything has gone downhill, prices have gotten higher and the quality of life has gotten worse as you can see in from the article quoted above.
    Another cause is due to the rise of covid in New York there is a lack of workers in the community. When covid first started sanitation workers were considered essential workers,although they were one of the little people able to work the scheduled timing was messed around and the trucks would come by whenever they felt like it well at least that is what it seemed like “budget cuts have reduced sanitation department staff, so they’re able to do fewer curbside trash pickups. In other cities like Baltimore, high rates of COVID-19 among sanitation workers reduced the number available to pick up trash, so they stopped collecting bulk trash, suspended street sweeping, and temporarily stopped cleaning vacant lots. This comes at a time when more people are home because of the pandemic and creating more residential garbage than in the past. The amount of residential waste that haulers are collecting is up about 5-8% from the same time the previous year, according to SWANA.We don’t know a definite solution to this but Japan should be one of our influences. They as well were strongly struck by covid yet they are still considered one of the cleanest countries in the world. “In long distance buses, an individual trash bag is provided at every seat with the express purpose of encouraging people to use it for their trash (and probably to take it home) rather than just tossing it on the floor or leaving it behind on their seat.” We should definitely look into this because New York is known for its public transportation and we all know how dirty it actually is if we trained people to have their own trash and provide bags there will be less piles all over the actual floor. “f you live in Japan, you’re bound to be asked to join regularly scheduled (and semi-obligatory) community clean-ups in your neighborhood. At these preset times, sometimes as early as 7 a.m. so people can participate before they have to go to work, neighbors don gloves, carry shovels, scythes, rakes and clippers and collectively clear the street drains, cut back the trees, weeds and grass and generally tidy up the surrounding area, including small parks and public toilets. A little bit of help goes a long way and residents can take pride in their neighborhood. It’s just part of the clean and tidy culture and also helps neighbors bond together as a community.” ( both quotes are from Amy Chavez, RocketNews24). We should also not rely always on sanitation workers because as we have seen it is not the most reliable source the community should also focus on making sure their area is clean instead of complaining and waiting for others to do something they should take charge of their community and the government should fine the people who don’t care and neglect their area.
    although this seems like a good idea now a lot of people in the community or not willing to help For the issue that they are complaining about. Other countries are definitely more dedicated than america but we can definitely try. We can’t be sure it will be successful because people in New york have gained the dirty city mentality but we can always try.
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