Petition to MainStreet about their New Pet Policy

MainStreet Equity Corp. is a giant in apartment rentals here in Canada. They have (somewhat) recently decided they will no longer allow large dogs in their buildings.

In Edmonton, a dog-loving city, there has been much discussion on the fact that large rental companies and private landlords alike discriminate against large dogs. Forums and Facebook are full of people saying they can't find anywhere to live. I've heard of people turning down jobs here because no matter how hard they try, they can't find somewhere that will take their dogs. I have spent much of my adult life searching for places that will accomodate my foster dogs/cats, and I thought I found it here in MainStreet. Now I can no longer bring in these starving and injured dogs and help them find new homes, because MainStreet has changed its mind. This city is NOTORIOUS for its lack of animal friendly rentals.

MainStreet was a desirable place to live, where I still live, and have encouraged many friends to come join in, because they were very kind in their pet policy. There's a Burmese Mountain Dog in my building, and an adorable Staffordshire Terrier down the hall. But now they have followed Boardwalk and other companies into the realm of "small dogs only".

Well, MainStreet, not sure if you're aware but in general, small dogs are more likely to cause noise disturbances, more likely to cause damage to a property, and actually usually need more exercise and space than many large dogs. They are not "just like cats". If you allow one, you should allow all.

Pets are a part of people's families. They deserve to have homes too. If the company is worried about damages, they could and should check veterinary records and registrations to ensure the pet owners are responsible. Responsible pet owners will have well-behaved animals that are unlikely to cause problems or run amok in your buildings. You can make additions into leases to ensure animals are kept safely and responsibly. You already charge a large non-refundable pet fee. I can guarantee my cat isn't causing $250 worth of damage to my apartment.

When renters are barred from owning animals, more animals go without homes and stay in the streets. There are thousands of us who are pet lovers, and who could be working to make a difference in pet's lives if our landlords would have a little compassion. As a rescue foster home, I implore you to please sign, share, and write to MainStreet (or any other rental company!).

Stand out from the crowd, MainStreet. Show people you care enough to understand what our lives are really like. Provide quality apartments to all types of families, not just those you've mistakenly deemed fit.

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