Stop Using Endangered Animal Products In Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • by: Tom
  • target: The Chinese Medical Association; Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China

Wild animal parts have been used in some TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) preparations for hundreds or thousands of years. Sadly, the huge demand for animal parts, has driven these animals to the brink of extinction. The trade in animal parts for TCM is booming, despite ban. The penalties for the illegal trade are minuscule compared with the profits that can be made. 

The skin of Malayan tapirs is consumed to remove boils and ward off infection. Macaque flesh is taken as a malaria treatment and a cure for lassitude. Hawks, Asian barred owls and other owls are made into a soup, which is supposed to improve eyesight. Imperial eagles feathers are rubbed on skin. Leopard fat, rhinoceros horn, elephant eyeballs, porcupine stomachs, wild boar teeth, monkey paws, civet glands, bear's gall bladders, rabbit skulls, seal and otter penises are also consumed for medicinal purposes. In Chinese markets you can see other rare cats, such as leopard cats, on sale as food. The bones from snow leopards and golden cats are used as a tiger bone substitute in some medicines, however, there is no clinical evidence that it is effective.

Sign this petition to protest against using products of endangered animal species in traditional Chinese medicine.

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