Demand an end to DIRTY energy sources to save our earth!

  • by: Lisa Windsor
  • target: President Barack Obama and The United States Congress

The oil industry is literally a DIRTY buisiness! In the begnning using oil for energy started out as a discovery to power our homes and automobiles etc., and  it was a natural resource.
Whereas, we did not know the effects the oil buisiness would have on our earth and and all the living beings on it. With that being said we must include the coal and gas industries as being dirty as well.

Since then,using oil and coal as energy sources have destroyed habitats across our world and thus many animals and humans have been killed and are dying from its effects and this will continue as long as we look the other way. The Government is supporting this DIRTY buisness because of pure greed. There is no other plausable reason.

There have been many other means of power that have been created and discovered, solar power, turbine power and let me introduce to those who have not heard of it....the liquid battery invented by David Sadoway, professor and his team at MIT. Please see awesm=on.ted.com_Sadoway&utm_campaign=& 

Mar 26, 2012

This is  an extremely exciting and uplifting idea that is being overlooked because it competes
with the oil and coal industries who are now unfortunatley our nations major money makers. Let's think of it as life or death. End the the dirty industries and turn over a new leaf to clean our world for our future. Let's make this world a better place for our children and all of the animals. Let us try to make up for all the damage we have done.

Sign this petition to demand that the President and Government support clean energy sources as mentioned above and diminish the DIRTY souces. Thank you 

Dear President Barrack Obama and United States Congress,
Many of us want to use more earth friendly, heathier and more efficient means of energy. We have faith that you feel that way as well and know you have the power to make changes, thus make this possible. Please do not be pressured by oil companies and other industries that are detrimental to our earth and we, the people. We can build clean energy companies and create jobs for people who might lose a job to the companies who are not earth friendly.  Thank you!

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