Rommel my dog my hero

I have set up this petition to gain support in getting my hero dog back. He has been seized by police and already spent months in police kennels, alone and afraid, for a crime he did not commit.

In March 2014 I was walking my two dogs at the Lincoln quarry. After a lovely walk we were heading back when a dog ran up to me and began attacking me. The injuries i sustained were extreme. My scalp was ripped and my face had deep wounds. Rommel, our male dog, broke free and fought the other dog off me and thanks to him and my Liam I was able to run free.

Together they saved my life. The vicious dog ran off again and Liam got me an ambulance then went to take our dogs home with a view to coming to me as soon as he could. But by the time he got home there was an ambush of police with guns waiting to shoot Rommel - they believed he was the dog who attacked me and I was lying about the third dog.  In an extremely fearful state, desperate to run away from the environment he was suddenly in, a terrified Rommel bit Liam's leg in a bid to get free. Upon reassurance from Liam Rommel let go - not the sign of an out of control animal, just a very frightened one. The police eventually lay down their weapons and Rommel was taken; afraid and confused. 

The fact is that Rommel's only crime was to protect me and attempt to flee a terrifying and aggressive scene with police. The police tried to prove he was a pit bull but down to evaluation from experts he has been proven to a Staffordshire Bull terrier. 

Please share this page and sign the petition and show your support to get my hero boy home. 

Thank you,


My partner Liam and friend Abi were with us when I was attacked. During the attack my partner tried to help me as my friend held on to our two dogs.

Liam fiercely fought to protect Rommel from the police as our terrified dog fought to flee the stressful environment. Liam was arrested for all he did trying to protect Rommel and for having a supposedly dangerous dog. 

Testing on Rommel's poo has shown no evidence of my skin or blood and this evidence would be inside the dog that attacked me - concluding my boy did not attack me.

So why do police still have my dog?

In desperation to kill my dog for their own pride, they are now keeping him due to biting Liam's leg. Any dog put in that situation would have done the same. A dog's natural instincts are fight or flight. Rommel tried to run but was left so afraid he had no choice but to bite in a bid to get free. The police put Rommel and Liam in this situation so the blame rests solely with them. 

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