Stop Delays for Telling Car Buyers About Safety Recalls

Please sign this petition to stop deadly delays in notifying car buyers that their vehicles have been recalled.

My son Michael was just 21 when he died in a car crash. He had only bought his car, a 2006 GM Cobalt, nine days prior. Two weeks after Michael's car crash, I received a letter in the mail saying the car had been recalled for a problem with the ignition switch. If my son had been told when he bought the car that it was defective, he might still be alive today.

According to investigators, Michael was driving his new car when the car suddenly veered sharply to the left, sending him crashing into a rock wall. The car caught fire upon impact. Michael managed to escape, but he was severely burned on three-quarters of his body. He died at the scene of the accident.

When my son bought the car, it had already been recalled. But there is no law mandating that the DMV immediately notify drivers of recalls on their cars, so Michael had no idea that he was literally taking his life into his hands every time he drove. When I spoke to my senator about this, she was shocked that this is not a national law already.

I started this petition in memory of my son, but also because I don't want this to happen to anyone else.

Please sign to demand a law that will force the DMV and dealerships to inform would-be car buyers that their vehicles have been recalled!

I am writing to urge you to pass national legislation that would save the lives of drivers in America. Currently there is no national law that mandates immediate notification to car buyers about safety recalls. As a result, car buyers are dying in accidents that are completely preventable.

Michael Patrick Sharkey, age 21, died in a car accident just 9 days after purchasing a 2006 GM Cobalt. The car had been recalled for a problem with the ignition switch before Michael purchased the car, but the notification did not arrive until 2 weeks after Michael's crash.

This is an entirely preventable problem. I am asking for lawmakers to create a law that would mandate the DMV to notify car buyers about safety recalls on newly purchased vehicles and require them to address the safety issue before issuing vehicle registration.

This law has been implemented in California and is protecting the voters in that state, but thousands of other consumers need this protection.

Please help protect the American public by creating a law that will bring immediate notification of car recalls to car buyers.

Update #58 years ago please watch
Update #48 years ago
Cover Story: Mother Blames Son’s Death on GM Defect
Update #38 years ago
Please share this on your page, lets get this law passed. I know that the recall was the reason my son Michael died at such a young age. He was only 21, he did not have a chance to live his life because of GM recall and failed all of us. Thank you again.,
Update #28 years ago
Thank you for signing, Please share this... Its very important to have this law passed...
Update #18 years ago
I really need your help having it shared with your friends. I lost my son because of a recall and trying to push the law to pass. Thank you on behalf of my family, myself, and My Son Michael... If I can save one life.. I feel he did not die for nothing. My son Michael had a heart of gold. He loved everyone. He made us laugh, My grandchildren still ask questions. It was 2 years on June 21, My heart is still empty.. I will feel more at peace when this law gets passed.
Thank you
Cherie Sharkey
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