Save the Bunbury Dolphins From A Harmful Marina Facility

  • by: Pedr Finn
  • target: West Australian State Government

Koombana Bay in Bunbury, Western Australia is one of a few locations in Australia where bottlenose dolphins come to birth and look after their young.

Since 2006 ,at least 18 dolphin deaths have occured in Bunbury, Western Australia. Local press reguarly reports boat strikes, fishing line entanglements and general poor health of many other dolphins.

To date no government funding to investigate these deaths has occurred. Or recommendations made to prevent further deaths.

Currently a lobby group, The Bunbury Marine Facility Alliance has briefed key stakeholders and state government their plans to build a $30 million dollar 250 berth marine facility and commercial hub 800m from the well known birthing beach, which will be funded  by the state government.

This petition is to prevent this from happening. We want to present this petition to State Parliment  To tell the premier that money should be spent to investigate the current health of this important ecosystem, and protect the dolphins from further stress  that a marina will have.

Sign this petition and tell the Government that the people say NO! to the construction of this marina! 

We have defiantly attracted attention here in Bunbury!

Please Read This Message And Share : We Need To Get This Out There !!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr David Kerr - 

                                  General Manager - Dolphin Discovery Centre

                                  Chair Person & Head lobbyist for the construction of a 250 berth marina some 800m from his beloved dolphin discovery and world famous dolphin interaction zone.

His main reason for being on the Bunbury Marine Facility Alliance " to ensure the protection of the dolphin"

Mr Kerr this week has used up every resource made available to him through sponsors. The South West Times, Radio West and the Bunbury Mail, all local media outlets, have published or reported interviews with  Mr Kerr discrediting this petition.

Calling  it misleading and full of miss truths

He also believes that people signing this petition from all over the world as having no view on the situation and was not quality data!

He would also like to remind people that every animal population experiences losses because death was part of life

Well Mr Kerr, I don't have the great many resources to discredit you, or feel the need to!

I will let the people decide!

I shall provide knowledge to the people. They shall determine what is occurring to the ecosystem these dolphins call home.

Don't attack this petition Mr Kerr, how about being the ecologist I have met and address the problems this petition calls to the public attention! 

And  as for people signing this petition from all over the world!

60,000 visitors came last year to visit the dolphin discovery centre.

As for birthing in Koombana  Bay, 

Murdoch University Records that 

The main birthing season in Bunbury is in Summer and Autumn. In 2010/11 there were around 19 dolphin births. Similarly in 2011/12, we have recorded 20 dolphin births in Bunbury and 3 in Busselton. 

However, newborn calves are vulnerable and 44% of calves do not survive to weaning or independence (Mann et al. 2000).And believe long term research is required to track adult females and the success of their calves.

That just clears up the comments you made on live radio, where as I was prerecord the day before I could not defend your comment

Now on to the facts:

I suggest reading the following;

I could ruin it and tell you what each is about, but I would suggest reading them so that it gives you a understanding what is happening to the health  of Bunbury's Dolphins and the Future they fac

However for those who want the rundown. 

First one describes a spate of deaths in 2009, and goes into post mortem evidence that supports that these animals were under stress at time of death.

Second one is .  Is a phd thesis by Holly Smith for Murdoch University, I will let her abstract explain, it's a good read on a scientific view of the Bunbury dolphin population.

Coastal dolphins are increasingly exposed to a variety of human activities through the proliferation of coastal development. Threats to dolphins in near-shore environments include the loss of suitable habitat, increasing vessel traffic and tourism, entanglement in fishing gear or other marine debris, noise pollution, environmental contaminants and disease. Baseline data and long-term monitoring are needed to inform effective management initiatives to conserve dolphin populations. This study focused on the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) population that inhabits the waters around the rapidly developing city of Bunbury, Western Australia.

The third one is a Government Report handed down by W.A. Chief scientist Lyn Beazley into Dolphin Deaths in The Swan River and Bunbury Area. In this 28 page report there are only a few paragraphs into the Bunbury Dolphin Deaths and few recommendations.

The fourth one is questions tabled in Western Australian State Parliament regarding potential marina. 

Question On Notice No. 5120 asked in the Legislative Council on 6 March 2012 by Hon Giz Watson 

Question Directed to the: Minister for Mental Health representing the Minister for Environment Minister responding: Hon W.R. Marmion.

And the final one is In August 2010, the then Minister for Environment, the Hon Donna Faragher JP MLC, formed a Working Group chaired by the Chief Scientist of Western Australia to investigate the state of dolphin and estuarine health in Western Australia and provide advice of
priority areas of research; how to achieve greater interaction between government agencies, science institutions, industry and the community; andhow to enhance the application of science in dolphin and estuarine management.

The Dolphin and Estuary Health Working Group Report was provided to the Minister for Environment and Water, the Hon Bill Marmion in September 2011 and that report is under consideration.

Sorry to bore you guys, but here are the facts, scientific evidence and knowledge you require to be informed on the situation. 

Remember Share this and keep spreading the word!


I am writing to ask you to halt construction on the Bunbury Marine Facility, which will further stress and risk the health of the bottlenose dolphins who come to birth and look after their young in Koombana Bay.

Since 2006 ,at least 18 dolphin deaths have occured in Bunbury Western Australia. Local press reguarly reports boat strikes, fishing line entanglements and general poor health of many other dolphins.

To date no government funding to investigate these deaths has occurred. I ask that you stop funding the marina in Bunbury and instead concentrate on saving the dolphins who make their homes there.

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