STOP Cruelty to ANIMALS in China

The way China savagly kill animals is way beyond cruelty.They say they do it to clean there street but if that is the case they need medical help because everywhere else in the world allows animals and doesn't torture them as much as China.

Then they have the Olympics where they kill animals like it's christmas dinner.

Sign the Petition and tell them what they are doing is wrong.The animals are just like humans just trying to live there lives.

No animal deserves to be tortured for food or clothes.Animals are just like any other human  trying to live their lives side by side.Animals are not just killed for food/clothes,they are pets and also told in bed time stories and in schools.If you keep killing animals there will be no storys to tell and no animals left to keep the rainforest stop being cut down.

Update #411 months ago
I have sent the signatures off to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.I am now waiting for a response and will be in touch when I find out more news.Thanks for signing and sharing the petition.We reached 25,360 signatures.
Update #3about a year ago
less than 4,000 signatures to go and then I will be sending this petition off to EMBASSY OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA
Update #23 years ago
I watched Gogglebox last Friday and there was a show where these people kidnap dogs and kill them.They dragged them from the back of there motorbike and said they kidnapped over 300,000 dogs and if you hit them in the right place they won't feel any pain when they die.And the sickest part was when they showed the wagon full of dogs that were alive and couldn't move.Even people on Gogglebox were crying.This has to stop NOW.
Update #13 years ago
Thanks for signing but where not even 1/4 way there yet.The more we get the better the chance we have but at the moment more of These animals lives are in our hands.Don't forget to sign this petition i want to make sure the bastard never owns an animal again
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