Repeal Article 1949 section 1222 of the Texas penal code!

         The countries highest standards are interpreting the severity of a crime very loosely. Lethal force, emphasis added, is to be used, as outlined by framers, by an officer who swears an oath to serve and protect. Or by the Nations' Guard-- the armed forces.

    Article 1949 section 1222 of law forbids fair trial. It has violated the very process of allowing a victim justice, such as David Crews of Arlington, Texas. Fair trial had never took place for some. They were given a free pass to kill. There is are statutes on homicide. Which translates to the death of an individual by the hands of another human being.

    Article 1949 section 1222 is reckless and and malfeasant. Those who support it should have their state of mind called into question and to also be read the Riot Act. Who in their right state of mind, in sound judgement would allow someone to rob a child, or another, of his/her or their life, over less severe crimes the police can solve. Article 1949 section 1222 is protecting pereptrators from the states right to hear any and all evidence, and for the accused to have a right to stand as such. It is also, furthermore, unlawfully aids and may abet perpetrators. Going further, it further places some another in harms way, due to the nature of revenge deaths. So that being stated, the law, itself broken, is allowing the general public to place itself in harms way. Uphold 18 section 51. Justice is a victims right. Not the perpetrators right to walk away from an act of murder.

          Please sign to stress to lawmaking bodies, the importance of fair trial, the need for evidence, the rule of law, not anarchy, and to also urge them to consider repealing the of act  justifiable homicide-- Article 1949 section 1222. Your signatures will be forwarded to Texas' Speaker of the House Representatives Joe Straus.

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