Punish Poachers Who Use Wire Snares To Destroy Wildlife!

Countless innocent animals die all over the world because of snares.

Add your name if you want to make sure they pay the price!

"Snaring has become the greatest threat to African lions." - National Geographic.

"Baby Asian elephants are being crippled by snares." - National Geographic

A wire snare is a length of metal wire with a noose on one end that is placed along the wild paths that animals use to get through the dense vegetation of their territory.

If an animal happens to step in the noose, it closes around their leg, and they have no way of getting it off again.

They panic and run around, drawing the noose tighter and tighter. Sometimes the wire cuts off circumation to the afflicted limb.

In worst case scenarios, animals tangle themselves up in the wire and it cuts into their flesh, all over their body.

They remain trapped, and as time passes they suffer terribly.

They have no food or water. No way to get to shelter.

And the wire gradually begins to corrode, leaving brightly colored marks in their wounds.

No animal deserves a fate like that.

And the worst part is, snares are completely indiscriminate.

Any kind of animal can get caught in a snare. Livestock. Pets. Endangered animals.

Sometimes even people get caught in snares, according to the BBC.

The difference is that humans can get themselves out again.

Animals don't have a chance.

That's why we're going straight to the top. We're asking the United Nations to draft a pledge for every nation on Earth to ban the use of wire snares. Nations who want to do the right thing can opt in, and each create legislation in their respective countries to make it happen at a local level.

But merely banning snares isn't good enough. Snares are already illegal in some places, and poachers do it anyway.

The most important thing is to impose STRONG punishments against the brutal people who use snares to kill animals for their own profit.

This kind of broad, sweeping action is what it's going to take to save defenseless animals from one of the most cruel fates imaginable.

Don't you want to protect innocent animals from being trapped in snares and dying slow, horrible, painful deaths?

Then add your name to ask the United Nations to take action right away!

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