Wisconsin: This horse is suffering and has no voice!

Help this horse who has been chained out in the elements without shelter for approximately the last 7 years. He is staked on a very short chain, prohibiting him from rolling or walking more than mere feet.

This horse is white and his nose is now sunburned and is red enough to see from the road. He also appeared to be holding one eye closed or squinted. There is no shelter, no trees, nothing to protect this horse from the elements.

This horse is in a very unhealthy and inhumane situation. This horse is chained out all year round in rain, sleet, hail, snow, subzero cold, sweltering heat, and scorching sun! There are no vet checks or care being given to this horse who is cruelly living at the end of a chain.

It's questionable if there is consistent water and grass available if the horse is not moved daily (no water pails can be seen at times). Local law enforcement has had numerous calls about the horse and is fully aware of the complaints and the situation, but says no law is being broken. Having no shelter for animals in all types of weather apparently is not a law in Clark County?! 

Our goal is to convince authorities by presenting this petition with signatures from concerned citizens that agree this horse has not been taken care of properly.

We want authorities who have jurisdiction over this situation in Clark County to take action for the safety and well-being of this horse and have the owner surrender the horse to local rescue, who has been contacted about this situation and agrees to work with the authorities and help in any way they can.

Your signature can help us get this horse moved to a better place for rehabilitation and a comfortable rest of his life. The owner doesn't feel there's anything wrong with how he is taking care of the horse. Hasn't this horse suffered long enough? Please help us take action!

At the time of writing this petition, there are severe thunderstorm warnings with dangerous baseball size hail warnings out. This horse will be standing through all of it, as he has every day because no one in authority has stepped up to demand shelter and fencing is provided!

Thank you for your help, it means the world to this horse.

FYI: Here is the Wisconsin State Statute 951.14 Providing proper shelter:
No person owning or responsible for confining or impounding any animal may fail to provide the animal with proper shelter as prescribed in this section. In the case of farm animals, nothing in this section shall be construed as imposing shelter requirements or standards more stringent than normally accepted husbandry practices in the particular county where the animal or shelter is located.
(1) INDOOR STANDARDS. Minimum indoor standards of shelter shall include:
(a) Ambient temperatures. The ambient temperature shall be compatible with the health of the animal.
(b) Ventilation. Indoor housing facilities shall be adequately ventilated by natural or mechanical means to provide for the health of the animals at all times.
(2) OUTDOOR STANDARDS. Minimum outdoor standards of shelter shall include:
(a) Shelter from sunlight. When sunlight is likely to cause heat exhaustion of an animal tied or caged outside, sufficient shade by natural or artificial means shall be provided to protect the animal from direct sunlight. As used in this paragraph, “caged” does not include farm fencing used to confine farm animals.
(b) Shelter from inclement weather. 1. ‘Animals generally.’ Natural or artificial shelter appropriate to the local climatic conditions for the species concerned shall be provided as necessary for the health of the animal.
(3) SPACE STANDARDS. Minimum space requirements for both indoor and outdoor enclosures shall include:
(a) Structural strength. The housing facilities shall be structurally sound and maintained in good repair to protect the animals from injury and to contain the animals.
(b) Space requirements. Enclosures shall be constructed and maintained so as to provide sufficient space to allow each animal adequate freedom of movement. Inadequate space may be indicated by evidence of debility, stress or abnormal behavior patterns. 

Update #56 hours ago
Anyone who lives nearby that could be of help in sharing their past observances, and anyone willing to document ongoing observances, please email me. we are up against a wall without more citizen support. The horse will have to endure another brutal winter without shelter. please help us , help the horse. not giving up! connierosemiller@gmail.com
Update #43 months ago
Anybody wanting to get involved and support the horse please email me connierosemiller@gmail.com. posts on the petition site, I do not think I can contact you that way???
Update #33 months ago
For those that want the address. N7339 Hwy 73. It on the corner of Bobwhite Rd and Hwy 73.
Approx 3 miles north of the Country Rd H and Hwy 73 intersection.
Update #23 months ago
Thanks everyone for your support and for trying to help the horse! We are 1,000 signatures away from 5,000! I am asking everyone to please share this again with people you know. I think 5,000 would be a great number to hit and the next step is involving media! The owner has moved the horse to tall grass behind a building with less opportunity to see it. It is probably getting more bugs after it now too! :(
Update #14 months ago
Thank you for signing the petition! It is up to 351 signatures. The target of this petition is to be able to present the petition to the local authorities and have substantial signatures showing the concern. The horse's situation has been ignored & I could not let this go on any longer! I thought a petition is a good way to start and then we could involve local media. Our goal is to get the local authorities force the owner to surrrender the horse to a local horse welfare organization.
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