Justice for Nina by bringing more charges against Percy Lunsford for Nina's murder.

  • by: terry holt
  • recipient: Timothy Evans Hale Co District Judge Governor Robert Bentley Alabama Governor State Representative Adline Clarke Alabama district judge Timothy Evans

Percy Lusford came into my yard,onto my property with the sole intention of murdering my pit bull who was tied out on a lead in my yard. His wife had already made threats of carrying out this act as well as false police reports regarding this dog stating the dog had gotten outside of a locked house and attached her. The deputies found this unsubstantiated. He managed to find a window of time that he thought he would be able to get away with the crime. He had driven up and down the road waiting to make sure none of the near by neighbors were outside to be a witness to the horrific thing he did. Nina was shot 6 times with a ,380. The first couple shots were from about 20 to 25' and did not land very accurately as she was shot in her back and side as well. After shooting her a couple times from the road, he walked into my yard and stood over her and shot her several more times. He then unhooked her from her lead and proceeded to load her lifeless body into the bed of his dark grey Chevrolet truck and drove off with her. He found a spot about a mile down our road and dumped her body there like she was trash. My 13 year old son was home alone when this happened and he withness the whole incident so there is no question in my mind that he is guilty of this. The reason for this petition is because I do not understand why Percy Lunsford was not charged for all of the crimes he commented. I would like every charge that could have been placed on this man charged. He was a member of the Air Force and when u assume a role or title like that you should be behaving in a way to make your country proud of you. He fired off his gun to start with in the direction that he would have been firing over open water of the Black Warrior River, discharging a firearm within so many feet of an occupied dwelling, my son was home at the time so that should also be child endangerment, the use of a firearm while committing a crime that results is harm or loss of life, should Nina's life be any less valuable since she was a dog? Then there was the whole deal with it being premeditated. This had been planned and executed all while they had hoped nobody could identify who did this. What about concealing evidence? I did not go to law school by no means and do not exactly know all the laws that he had broken but I'm sure someone near the attorney General, District Attorney, the District Judge of Hale Co. In Alabama. Something needs to be done to show the world this is not ok. Its time to make an example of someone. Why not 38th Percy Lunsford.

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