Unfair and unlawful termination, accusations, and behaviors from TJMaxx

    I started working at TJMaxx store #1459 in Arlington, VA on 8/8/2017. I was terminated on 9/12/2017. My role in the store was as a custodian, cleaning the store before they opened, unloading the delivery trucks, and processing some of the inventory. The store manager, Ms. Lisa, and the assistant Ms. Courtney and Ms. Melissa, the assistant managers, were giving me my directions daily. I found out by Loss Prevention representatives from Richmond, VA that there was a large shrinkage at the store for the past 4-5 months. I was told that there was a large amount of shoplifting being perpetrated by the store's employees. While processing inventory, I had witnessed employees being arrested and escorted from the store. On the day of 9/12/2017, at the end of my shift, I was called to come back and speak to Ms. Lisa in her office. When I arrived, there were two gentlemen looking to speak with me. One of the men asked me if I was from Washington, DC. I told him that yes, I was from Washington, DC, but I did not know what that had to do with this mystery meeting. I was asked to have a seat and he stated that he wanted to "tell me a story". He began telling me a story about his daughter stealing cookies from a cookie jar, and stated that he was telling me this to paint a picture of what stealing is. He then asked me if I knew any of the other store employees, and if I associated with them outside of work. I responded that I only know these other employees from the store, and that we eat lunch together in the lounge sometimes. I told him that I don't know anything about any criminal activity going on in the store, and that I have not seen any in my time there. I was told that this particular store has been under investigation for the last 5-6 months, which I responded by saying that I knew nothing about this. I was told that I was being interrogated, in efforts to get information about some of the other employees. I was told that I would be rewarded if I would be an informant for him. I stated that I did not know anything, and that I was ready to leave the meeting. I was then asked if I were taking any illegal substances, to which I honestly responded that no, I am not. I stated that I felt disrespected in his approach of this situation. I was then told that If I did not report anything on the other employees, that he would assume that I was "working" along with them, and that it is believed that I have stolen merchandise from the store, highlighting pairs of shoes, and a baseball cap. I was told that there is video evidence of this, to which I asked if I could see this supposed evidence. I was not shown anything. The man then left the room stating that he was going to the bathroom, though shortly after that, Arlington Police came to the office to arrest me. I was searched in the office, with the officers leaving "no stone unturned." I was then walked through the store in handcuffs and put into a police cruiser. Since I have been working there for the past 5-6 weeks, I have made purchases at TJMaxx with my employee discount, which there are receipts for. My backpack, which I bring with me to the building, was checked before I left each day by the store managers. I hate to be accused of something that I did not do, so I am letting you know that I would like this information to go to the CEO of TJMaxx, and I would like this to be investigated. I have already spoken with a lawyer regarding wrongful termination and false imprisonment, and intend on suing TJMaxx. I plan to file this information with the EEOC and the Civil Rights department, and inform media outlets that I had been locked up for 3 weeks for crimes that were not committed by me. It's upsetting that I was treated this way, as I did the best job I could there, for the time that I was there.

    This is an affidavit and statement of truth, under 28-USC 1776.
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