Stop Homework Before its Too Late! (Ban or Reduce Homework)

This petition has the power to shape America's future. Sign this petition to ban homework! Homework doesn't help, and can actually reduce concentration, intellegence, memory, and many other things. Besides, we're already forced to go to school. We should't be forced even more to do homework. But we don't have a choice and we have to do it, even though it doesn't help. Studies have shown that the brain creates more connections to other areas, boosting the amount of neurons and thus making the brain remember more (go to for more info), if, and only if the environment is stimulating enough, and there isn't a single electron about homework that's stimulating. Obama and Mayer Bloomberg and all those knuckleheads don't know anything. They think banning soda and other sugury drinks will prevent childhood obesity, but take one careful look, and the one thing you will find is homework as the problem. If you spend all day sitting down at school, you don't exercise. If you exercise at home, you do. But the problem is, not exercising at school makes you not exercise at home. You go to school. It assigns you homework. So, even if you really want to go home and play physicall games to give your body a workout, you can't because of a thing called homework. Pretty soon, in the future, you could confuse a kid for a large rubber ball because of obesity if you don't sign this petition. Homework could also hurt you mentally. Its better to do work at school than at home, because if you don't understand a problem at school, you can ask a teacher for help. But at home, if you need help, you won't always have it. That could lead into a child thinking he failed in some sort of way and harm him. The short-term effect isn't much, but let it build up, and ka-boom! It can really pay off in unexpected ways, like suicide. Homework can cause stress and lack of sleep, which can lead to disorders such as (but not limited to) heart diseases, chest pains, high blood pressure, lack of concentration, and ultimately, death. It also gets in the way of social interaction. Why learn about being social for homework if you were never social? And if you live a whole day on 260 minutes of sleep, how do you concentrate? The answer: you can't. If you don't have enough sleep, you loose concentration, making you work slower and less efficiently, so the next day, you'll have even less sleep and the day after that, even less until your body doesn't function normally anymore and you get really sick. Then there could just as well be medical tubes all around you're body, pumping insulin for an overworked person. IS THIS HOW AMERICA WILL BE?

Other facts & things I learned from refraining to do my homework:

      • You're more likely to memorize information if you try to associate it with something else. With homework, you're forced to sit down in an imaginary white room and pretend nothing is happening around you, perhaps maybe ignoring that fire that's burning your house down. And all of your attention is focused on that little sheet of paper of details and yada-yada you have to memorize. You're trying to learn something out of thin air. It just won't work that way. You might be able to remember some of it, but not all. Just think about every time you had a memory flashback. Something else always triggered that, right? Exactly. You'll find it hard to write down every possible memory you ever had —  until something that reminds you of it appears. In fact, most people even forget that their realitves died when a person asked them to make a simple timeline of their life. But they didn't, however, when they asked them to write down a list of deceased family members.

      • Cations have a positive charge from their difference of protons and electrons. It takes 1836 electrons to equal the mass of a proton, and cations, electrons, and protrons are loosely but firmly related to Avagadro's number, which is 6*10^23. 1836 is also a leap year, and is the year that the chemist Alexander Mitscherlich was born.
        — You didn't learn that from you're 6th grade homework. xD

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