Save 60 cats from unnecessary euthanization!

  • by: Olga Pope
  • target: Shire of Harvey Western Australia

Over the years a wonderful woman in Harvey named Johanna has rescued dozens and dozens of stray and unwanted cats which she has sterilised, microchipped and vaccinated at her own expense. She takes great care of them, they are well fed and are kept in big enclosures which she cleans daily so they do not roam around the streets and are not a bother to anyone.

She is a vet nurse who knows how to care for animals and lives on a big property with her family whom love these cats.

The neighbours have no complaints, everything was fine for years until recently when the council decided that she cannot care for this many cats due to a new cat law which has come about that a maximum of 3 cats are allowed per property however the law also states any cats prior to this law are allowed to be kept.

The council has given Johanna 3 months to get rid of the majority of all of the cats allowing her to only keep 3 therefore it means most of the cats will be euthanised as it is impossible to live in a small country town and find homes for the cats and many of them are old.

Johanna and her family are obviously devastated and they asked the shire to give them not 3 months but at least a year so they could buy another property far from any houses or neighbours however the people in this shire are very stubborn and are not allowing her any more time.

Please sign this petition which will be forwarded to the Shire of Harvey to support Johanna and the innocent animals she and her family have rescued!

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