Hello all - on March 14, 1995 my sister Brenda Lee Marks Wolf was murdered in a pre-meditated murder by her husband, Jeffrey Scott Wolf.  The prosecutor was Nicholas Bissell of Somerset County, New Jersey.  Bissell (something we did not know at that time) was and remains the most crooked deceitful prosecutor in USA history - for money he allowed Brenda's murderer to go free, and framed the guys who her husband hired to do a "phony robbery" for a murder none of them committed.  Wolf has never been prosecuted, and lives a very full good life thanks to Bissell.  Bissell killed himself since he was indicted in 36 plus counts of federal wrong doing and was going to federal prison (he snipped his electronic bracelet and went on the run).  A man sits in prison for a murder he did not commit.  A man sits in Amherst, New Hampshire laughing at justice, and counting all his illegal money to this day.  We also want to help every person who in the Bissell era was hurt by illegal means by Bissell and his cronies.  Many had their lands taken away, were beaten, had drugs planted on them if they didn't give Bissell money.  In my case I had my mouth punched in by two of Bissell's detectives, because "I wouldn't go along with his theory".   Please help - I have sat for 18 years trying to get this resolved.  Brenda was only 31 when she was murdered, crooked prosecutors, on the take detectives and judges, all were part of the mix, and if one went down they would all go down.  Thus it was advantageous to be paid off by Wolf and not stir the pot so to speak.  I NEED YOUR HELP.  THE PEOPLE. PLEASE JOIN ME IN GETTING GOVERNOR CHRIS CHRISTIE - A MAN WHO CLAIMS TO BE OF THE PEOPLE TO REOPEN ALL BISSELL CASES.  Indeed there was a fund set up for this very thing, but nobody has ever come forward.  We have been laughed at by the Somerset County DAs office who told us we are insignicant and nobody cares about some girls death.  I thank you for taking the time to read this.  Please view Brenda's story either on facebook at and also watch her story on youtube at courtesy of Sharpshooter Productions, Joe Fortunato in New Jersey.  If you are somebody who was abused by Bissell and his goon squad please come forward we will keep your information anon and write us at - and last of all god bless you all, I hope you will take the time to sign this petition so we can show we are serious!

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