Let our Friend stay in Sweden!

    I live in Sweden and I am born here, so is my friend. Still, I have the right to stay here while my friend is constantly threathened and pressuerd to leave Sweden and go to Lebanon, the country her parents come from. My friends name is Amar and she has lived in Sweden since her birth, her parents came the year before that which means they have been in Sweden for sixteen years. Surely that must be enough to have the right to stay?
    Still, the Migration Agency is trying to force her family to leave to live in Lebanon, a country she has never been to and has barely no knowledge of. She can not speak fluent, read or write in arabic while she can do it all in swedish. Amar will have to create an entire new lifestyle and will have to restart on all her dreams again. It will take her many years to be able to be anything or do anything in Lebanon when she has to redo everything she has yet accomplished in life. She wont be able to finish school with the grades that her ambitions require. She has plans on becoming either a designer or lawyer, these goal seem very far away in the current situation.
    This treatment of Amar and her family is horrible and unfair. They have done nothing to deserve it and are good people. All they want is to keep live their lifes at peace in Sweden, where they are safe and has far more oppurtunities to create a better life for themselves than if they ended up in Lebanon.
    I demand an end to this unfair treatments of immigrants and people who are not originally from the country they live in. It is not fair to send someone away just because of their heritage and very selfish since they therefore prove they do not care about other peoples health and protection.
    I hope you feel the same way as me and by signing this petition you support that we need to change the way we treat immigrants.
    I am sorry If you find yourself having troubles understanding my text or If you find some misunderstandings. Please ask any questions If necessary.
    Please sign and share with as many as possible!
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