JOHNSON FOR PRESIDENT - Helping America Look Again

    Helping Americans Look Again. More and more the people of our beautiful country ,are turning a blind eye to what is actually just and right. The differences between right and wrong are so stretched out because of corruption and greed. It’s slowly blinded us. It has destroyed our own moral compasses. There shouldn’t be two political parties, everyone one I feel who has had any knowledge of history. Knows in order to bring a nation down is to dived and conquer. Right now in this day in age. We should all be above this separation and i truly don’t like saying this word. But, (hate) for others that don’t see their viewpoints. We should be helping each other up when we see a neighbor fall, help our neighbors out when they’re in need, hungry, and down. Instead of kicking someone when they’re down. We should be building each up. Building a Home not just a House. Instead of destroying our foundation. I have so much love for each and everyone in this country. At that love for humanity and this planet. For me to see and hear what we consider news constantly smashing Each other because someone doesn’t see their view. Is literally breaking what this beautiful country was built off off at our foundation. I Timothy Johnson want to run for president. We need someone who is able to see both sides and end this divide that is crippling us. I know I’m the person for this job. We all need to put an end to this divide, become a unified family and break away from this one sided view point. I love you all and want to all of us out the time and work in and prosper. To become as great as we all have the potential to be. We make mistakes. Let’s actually learn from them and make the changes. Even if I’m not elected or get put in the running. Someone out there will see this and start to think. So even if this only gets through to small portion. It’s still a win in my book. I love and appreciate everyone of you. As well I’m sending positive energy and good vibrations to you all
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