Make Cal-Am Properties Accountable For Their Wrongdoings Towards the Tenets of Springbrook Estates

Cal-Am Properties have bought the Springbrook Estates manufactured home park, and ever since then things have been hell for the Tenets within. Rent has been steadily increased several times, without any added benefits ( no playground for kids, no community center or anything of the like added, etc). Demands have been made upon the Tenets (owners of the homes) to make repairs needed according to Cal-Am specifications whether the Tenets can afford it or not, an if these things if not done in a certain, very short time frame, evictions have been threatened. When the older trailers have been moved out, Cal-Am has replaced them with their trailers, and the new trailers have been put in improperly, then put on the market at an outlandish price, and the damages to the trailers has been covered up and not mentioned in the selling. Contractors installing the trailers have damaged fences in adjoining lots, then Cal-Am expects the tenet whose fences have been destroyed to fix the damages out of their own pockets. Cal-Am has completely disregarded some of Oregon's tenet laws, (demanding that blinds be installed inside the tenets homes, which are owned by the tenets, not Cal-Am for one example, even if they have curtains). Almost everyone in the park that has an older trailer has had some kind of very expensive repairs demanded be done or Eviction will ensue. Cal-Am is insisting that bark dust or landscaping materials be installed in the yards or flower beds, even if the yards have grass and nicely cared for beds in them, and removal of most of the trees that provided shade for the homes within the park have been removrd, despite protests from the tenets. And to top it all off, these things that they want done to the homes cannot be done in any other way than what Cal-Am wants them done, despite the fact that Cal-Am only owns the lots, not the trailers themselves. ( ie, only certain colors of paints are approved; those being shades of browns and grays, not any blues or greens, and if we don't comply, evictions are threatened).

I think my concerns and those of the other tenets are pretty self-explainitory. They are trying to make it impossible for tenets with limited incomes and older trailers to meet their demands so they can evict them and bring in their own newer trailers and sell them for profit. This is completely unfair to the people in the park to which this is happening.

We want Cal- Am to be willing to work with the tenets of the park, rather than strong-arming us into conforming to what they want. If they raise the rents they need to offer some benefit to the park. As it stands there is nowhere for the kids to play other than the middle of the streets or in bark dust, flea infested, splinter hungry yards, and nothing offered to the adult members of the community. We would like Cal-Am to be held Accountable for the crappy installations of the newer trailers and made to pay for damages of estblished fences etc, instead of making the tenets pay for them. We would Cal -Am to stop making demands that repairs be made in an unreasonable time frame, and eviction notices given if financial situations don't allow such changes be made immediately. We would like Cal-Am to learn Oregon laws, ( they are based in California), and abide by such laws. We would like to be able to have trees and grass in the yards, for shade and oxygen, and for the general way things are being handled to change. There are several lesser issues that need addressed as well, but these are the major ones to get started.
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